December payout question

What’s up guys? I didn’t receive my December payout. Can someone please point me in the direction of who I need to talk to to fix this?

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So, December payouts weren’t made? Sorry if I’m being a PITA. I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. STORJ has done near 50% this week. That’s money I could’ve made in the market with my payout this week.

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Just read that post… You only get a december payout if you earned enough so that the tx-fees are less than 25% of your earnings.

Depends on how much you actually earned because if the transactions costs are 50% of your earnings, then storj would need to make 50% jump to actually make you money because for that you would have to exchange your storj for something else because storj will surely fall again. So if you didn’t plan on selling, the point is moot…

Crypto prices are going up and so far the fee’s who seem to scale parabolic. If StorJ pays that they will go under for such small transactions. To reduce the overhead you need to be as described in the article linked by @deathlessdd in a certain payout amount. There should be a tab under payout that says how much you get when opening the node browser page.

I have a question - how can you take any advantages of the high price, if the fee is more than you earned?

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The fee should be NOWHERE near what I’ve earned.

SNO could use an exchange address and swap storj without having to pay txfees, or SNO could wait an hour or maybe a week, pay a more reasonable txfee and exchange storj.

Thank you!
And SNO should be aware of high risk of using an exchange deposit for payouts. The exchange can switch a deposit address without any notification or stop trading/withdrawal or just disappear.

It could be possible, if all SNO would use the same exchange for example, and StorjLabs could just spread out payouts. Since it’s offchain (internal for the exchange), it should be fast and maybe even fee-free.

The only thing left is to make everyone use the same exchange. :thinking:

Besides jokes - StorjLabs is working on a solution for the high fee problem. And hope ETH developers too.

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Offer coinbase for this, it is international exchage with with FIAT to account

I do not like coinbase. I like the binance. And this only mine opinion.
And why coinbase? There also kraken with fiat?
I think we would have at least 25k+ different opinions like that.

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This would allow flexibility and low fees of exchange address but without exchange risks.

Stack 2.0 is releasing perhaps something you can stack and make an app for payouts?

The risk comes from the way payouts are made. Withdrawal-based system would solve most issues and even mitigate rising txfee costs to some extent.

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Yes, our team is considering all possible solutions which does not requires another one blockchain change.


So stacking with StorJ tokens and have a blockchain in the form of HDD mining using “test data”?


I believe you should take a change of blockchain into consideration as well because this is the culprit and the major flaw of the design of the payout process: The wrong blockchain.
With the right blockchain you would solve the problem of transaction costs once and for all and could finally move on.

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I had to recieve 71 STORJ for december. Was this payout cancelled due to high transaction fees? It would be good practice to post minimum STORJ value will be paid every month due to high transaction fees so people can find out immediatelly will they be paid or not without assuming this was an error.

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Problem with other and smal blokchains is that 51% atack it preaty real problem. with Ether no ona cant afford to make 51% atack. And there are lot of some small problems in every blockchain. Ether is not ideal also, but there is lot of money and eforts to mantain and develope it. Soon or not Eth will move to Eth2.0 and there is soleved this problem like small transaction ammount per second.

Speaking for Dogecoin, as it is merge mined with Litecoin, there is no 51% attack realistically possible.

I agree. However Dogecoin has a team of extremely dedicated developers to this project running this now for almost 7 years I think. You can compare different metrics here:

In technical terms Dogecoin is not small but very matured and rock solid, fast, cheap. It is designed and maintained for usage as functional currency.