December payout question

Storj has already switched blockchains once to deal with transaction fees. Changing again doesn’t guarantee that fees will always be low on the new blockchain. And considering the effort that would be required to switch, it doesn’t seem like a good investment of resources when it would just have to be changed again in a couple of years.


True. But obviously this has not solved the problem.

Dogecoin at $1 would mean a market cap of ca. 130 billion USD. Todays Bitcoin marketcap is around 110 billion. So Dogecoin would have to surpass Bitcoin which is really very very unlikely for a coin with a dog on it.
And even at $1 the transaction cost would be much less than todays Gas costs.

Maybe a move to Cardano in March? It’s a promising project. Just a thought.


We do not plan to switch to another blockchain again.

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Have my answer here to avoid typing the same thing multiple times: New utility token for small transfers

Hi, I made more than 30$ in december, and still didnt get paid either. Doest it mean the fees was more than 7.5$ ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Very likely, but they are working on a solution apparently…

Fees actually hit around 14 dollars sometimes 25 dollars

Holy… Ok, I understand then. Thank you

I was wondering about the solution proposed… Someone earning like 1 or 2$ a month, doest it mean they wont get paid until next year ? or maybe 2 years ? :rofl:

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That all depends really if the minimal stays the same which would stay 5 dollars, If they can figure out a way to save on fees you probably get paid every 2 months.

So the f… fees are to high. So its highly inefficient for storj to operate in this way. They are paying a lot of fees and the SNO are not payed.

So why do they hold an TOKEN on ETH ?They could be more flexibel and use other blockchains. Some of the storj SNO are old Burstcoin Miners so a burst token could be faster and much much cheaper. And all in all it doens’t matter for SNO which blockchain we are using as long as the tokens can be traded on the exchanges.

Perhaps a token based on chia from Bram Cohen could be a solution in the future.

As an SNO i don’t like that i don’t get paid. Running a stable node in the way storj wants to is hard over the years. It’s hard to be stable in the long run.

I don’t mind if storj would skip to other blockchains regulary.

When storj wants semi-professional SNO then they should solve the paying situation and they should find a way to pay without time loss and high fees.

We migrated once from the Counterparty (BTC-based tokens) to the ERC20 (ETH-based tokens) in the past for the same reason plus ETH ecosystem have a much wider community.

We are working on L2 solution right now. Stay tuned!

L2 = ? , post must be at least …

Why not change the blockchain and then when fees getting to high again just change again ?

We do not plan to change blockchain again.

Chaning blockchain is affect everyone, whom currently use or hold any storj token, not an easy stuff I imagine that. But still, as an SNO I start this a year ago, and I really not like that I didnt get paid. I totally understand that its not worth to pay when the fees are high, but as I didnt get my 10 bucks in this month, my question is that those people whom doesnt get paid for months, what kind of compensation can we expect? There will be any?
My story is that I usually change to something else on binance and using that amount for staking or just for fees. This is not much, but I worked for it and didnt get paid, it a bit feels like I just give my bandwith and electricity cost to storj for fun…noone knows if the prices stays high or the market will be crashed/going higher, based on that if the prices goes to moon, I never get paid :smiley:

Please, take a look on this thread:

had the same question about payouts.
thanks for clarifying ! it makes sense with such high fees on eth network right know.