Docs about Port-forwarding on TrueNAS

I’m perplexed by number 1 from these port-forwarding instructions:

  1. Add a new port forwarding rule to your router for:
  • 28967 for both TCP and UDP protocols
  • 7777 for outgoing communication with the satellites
  • 8888 for outgoing communication while creating and signing the identities.
  1. Enter the internal IP address of your TrueNAS system in Destination Device.
  2. Enter 20988 in Public and Private ports for both TCP and UDP for the Protocol.
    As with the third option, I would expect port-forwarding instructions to include both public and private ports. But 1 just names three ports. COuld someone clarify what I am missing? Thanks!

Let me add, I have also seen these instruction in the Storj docs:

Single node setup

outside world => 28967 => router => 28967 => node machine [ => 28967 => docker container]

For single node, you will use the same port number throughout, so you can just use port 28967 everywhere. This makes the settings easier. However, there are several places where you can adjust ports and forward ports to other ports. That will become relevant in multi-node setups.

The TrueNAS Guide is pretty mixed up with different ports. AFAIK the Default container you can download from “Apps” uses port 20988 as default so you need to change app port/external port or reroute like this

outside world => 28967 => router => 28967 => node machine [ => 20988 => docker container]

  1. Enter the web port 28967 in Web Port for Storj, and 20988 in Node Port for Storj.

As rerouting between different ports can be confusing, you can also just use 20988 as external port and make it as easy as your example
outside world => 20988 => router => 20988 => node machine [ => 20988 => docker container]

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OK, thank you. I’m glad I wasn’t just totally missing something. Your suggestion makes perfect sense.

So that is the only forwarding I should have to do? Step 1 is just entirely unnecessary? I have to admit, that seems more than “mixed up”.

I’ve read the Guide again and as you said it’s not getting better. I’m not sure what this is, because one of the last steps is still port 28967 but the screenshot shows another one (20909) and 28967 is not used.
You need 20988 port as inbound port rule.
The 7777 / 8888 only if your Router/Firewall blocks outbound traffic.

OK, thanks! I will give it a try with this all in mind. I posted in TrueNAS’s Discord, so we’ll see what they have to say.

Seems the 20909 is the default Web Dashboard port on TrueNas in contrast to storj 14002 default. So step 8. as posted by me earlier is wrong. The screenshot is correct.

Port 28967 may be used for UDP only because the configured port 20988 uses TCP only.
Not a very consistent configuration. :upside_down_face:


Yea, I am getting the quic misconfigured error. I wonder if the TrueCharts version would work better? This seems a mess to untangle (not sure I am yet competent to do so, after quickly reading through the full discussion).

The default ports seems to have changed because of this mess.

If you install the app which ports are prefilled in the network field tab?

Maybe I should further ask: will it cause any problems with Storj if I attempt to deploy the TrueCharts app (after stopping the TrueNAS Charts app, of course). It also seems like it is a newer version of the app: 1.71.2_5.0.23 vs. 1.68.2_1.0.15)

I only have space (as noted in the discussion you linked) for one “Node Port,” which I changed to 28966. I believe it was originally 20988.

If you use 28966 now did you also create portforwarding?. If you hover over the “Quic misconfigured” it will tell which port is expected.

Yea, it says port 28967 for both tcp & udp. So I tried forwarding that port (external & internal) and placed that port number in my Node Port in TrueNAS.

If you are 28967 now everywhere it should work, maybe do a node restart and check the ports shown in truenas ui after starting the node.

Yea, same misconfig error. I’ll read through everything again in the morning and see if I can make any sense of it.

TrueNAS isn’t listening on port 28967.

Do you think it worth trying the TrueCharts version?

What port is truenas listening on?

As the link from the community discussion linked to the charts sourcecode I tought is was the same, as I don’t know the difference betwenn these versions. In this case the defaults should have changed for the charts version and it could be worth a try. Either way both should work.

Note that the ports configured in the TrueNAS UI, are NOT changing the internal Storj Ports. It’s only what port to bind on the host.
I’ll go ahead and change the default “external” (NodePort) ports to match the internal ports, but this is purely for “consistency”
If the port forwarding on the router is not correctly pointed to the correct port (the current defaults 20988) it will still say “Miscofigured”.

While the UI has 1 field for Storj Port, it still applies to both TCP and UDP.

I wouldn’t recommend to publish your dashboard port, use How to remote access the web dashboard - Storj Node Operator Docs instead, or at least [Tech Preview] Multinode Dashboard Binaries

In this case you need to forward 28966 TCP and 28966 UDP, since the dashboard shows internal ports (if it was the service, not a docker container, it will be true).

Where are you getting this port? Why “in this case”?

You showed, that this app is required to have this port is forwarded… so, you need either forward it, or change it.