Earnings calculator (Update 2024-05-13: v14.0.0 - New version is only compatible with node v1.104 and up - Detailed earnings info and health status of your node, including vetting progress)

I have a small update today to implement a more realistic vetting progress measurement. Since the number of audits you get depends on how much data you have, this process is by definition non-linear. The first audit takes much longer than the next one and so on. This update accounts for that and instead of showing just how many audits you had, it now shows a calculated linear progress percentage (in addition to absolute audit numbers). Let me know if this is more or less accurate in your experience. It should be a lot more accurate, but I’d love to get some feedback as I don’t regularly go through the vetting process myself.


Edit: More details on this update can be found here: Intro to the Web Dashboard - #6 by BrightSilence


v10.2.0 - Non-linear vetting progress

  • Implemented a new algorithm to account for the non-linear progress of vetting, which should give a better indication of how long is left in vetting