February (and first batch of zkSync) payments complete!


I am writing to inform you all of a specifically exciting and special monthly payout. We’ve just completed payouts for the month of February, and for the first time, payments were made using zkSync layer 2 technology!

Some details:

142 payments happened via zkSync. As this was our first official rodeo with zkSync, we used a minimum payment threshold of zero; we paid everyone who opted in! While we won’t do this every time, we did end up paying just cents per transaction, which means that future zkSync payments with payment thresholds will have very low thresholds indeed!

Payments through zkSync were made using a tool Matter Labs built for us which was wonderful, robust, and easy to use. They made it a drop-in experience to use alongside our tooling. Thanks Matter Labs! The transactions themselves were fast and cheap, and the fees were paid in STORJ. Hooray!

For folks still using layer 1 default payments, the payout threshold this month was $24.28. Anyone who had earned (but not yet received) $24.28 or more got paid.

One additional change we made this month is that for storage node operators who no longer had any active nodes, if we owed payouts due to graceful exit, we paid that independent of the minimum threshold, using the preferred payment mechanism. So in this way, we did do some final transactions for some nodes using Ethereum layer 1 that were lower than the threshold.

zkSync users, please let us know how your experiences are now that we’ve transferred some funds!


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For all of those claiming a flood of node operators leaving due to the payments (or otherwise) there were … 9.

The craziest one was this transaction which cost $5.48 in fees, to pay less than $0.01 in actual StorJ payment - Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan


The worries of floods were from here http://storjnet.info/ (an unofficial source)
Otherwise, company internal data.

I examined all the payouts made in the payment run, for any transactions with a StorJ value lower than the threshold amount.

i confirm that i received payouts via L2 with no problems. Keep up the good work !