Have I really opted in to zksync?

Added operator.wallet-features: [“zksync”] to the config.yml of one of my storage nodes (and restarted it, several times) and it still shows a link to Etherscan on the dashboard. I thought if you opted in to zksync the link changed to zksync dashboard. Am I misunderstanding the way it should work? Is v1.25.2 busted or have I done something wrong?

I think this is it.
But if you didn’t receive your zksync payout for march, you shouldn’t see any link I guess

The link on dashboard will point to the zkSync block explorer only in Payout history to the exact transaction only if you received payout via zkSync
On the main screen it it still points to the Etherscan.
I think it will be fixed in the next releases.

Is there any way to confirm that zksync is actually selected?

None that I’ve found with the current software, not even a log entry. I guess this is on the roadmap.


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Had to do a reload of the dashboard rather than a refresh as it wasn’t showing until then. I appear to be opted correctly in on the node I chose.