Haven't been payed since December

Hi All,

I’ve been patiently waiting (and also been busy) but have not yet received any payment for December, January or February. I had read that there was possibly a lump sum payment would be made when a certain threshold. However, I do not know what that threshold is, could that be communicated so I can check to see if I have hit that threshold at this point.

So how do I get paid for the past 3 months? I just checked again and my last payment was 87 days ago.

How much are you expecting/have you earned until now?

Not a win-fall by any measure but I would still like to be payed (based on the payout information screen):

Dec: $4.01
Jan: $4.01
Feb: $3.51

The total StorjLabs owes you is $11.53.
You would have been paid if transaction fees were up to 25% of that amount, that is $2.88.

Unfortunately, fees are way higher these days: $8.55 when writing (for erc20 currencies), which means StorjLabs would have paid you this month if you had a pending amount of roughly $34.20.

Seems like $24.28 was the actual threshold this month. See:


So, does that mean that until I accumulate ~$25 there will be no payment? If that is the case and I am aware of the threshold I have no problem. After all, I’m not doing this to be a millionaire, it’s just a side project since I have the hardware just sitting around otherwise. I just need to know that I will be paid and at what point.

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Until you accumulated more than 4 times than fee on date of payout I would say.
You can opt-in for zkSync: https://documentation.storj.io/dependencies/storage-node-operator-payout-information/zk-sync-opt-in-for-snos and receive outstanding payout independently of high fee and minimum threshold on L1. But you will pay fee for withdrawal in STORJ tokens (the amount of gas is almost the same as a regular ERC20 transfer), when you decide to move your tokens.
You can withdraw to any L1 address, include deposit address of the exchange.
The only requirement - you should control your keys for the wallet.

So I’ve setup a complete new node which was running fine until I noticed I stopped getting payments. Seems I’ve been disqualified again on all satelites, I’ve got all the storage, nothing is corrupt, stored on RAID1, node is running and contributing to the network with > 99% uptime. Could anyone tell me why my last payout was 3 months ago? Why is it still showing traffic and contributing to the network even though I am disqualified and am not receiving any payouts since 3 months?

Node id 19mbNjVKDUjkxfh3jwL6P9h8814ipxF3UPXaZ1W7HfgJ5cxDj9
address 0x72e954a2602c3c38EbeD45c7b32E5B5E070F527B

I am about to stop using storj, as this it just doesn’t work properly… and doesn’t maintain fair use for distributed nodes who put effort and try to contribute to this project.

Let me add this for completeness:


Thanks, I have setup zksync and will report back / accept once I have received a payment

I used to get payouts regularly every month but it’s now been 15 weeks i.e January since my last one.

Node dashboard shows


Undistributed payout


Estimated earning this month


Is it because I haven’t met the minimum payout threshold? has this value changed recently?

Minimum thresholds:


if we are lucky the GAS fees might stay low for once… sorry for the hopium doubt it will happen but still… looks good right now lol…

if it stays around 5$ then that being 25% so the minimum payout might be
20-25$ with a little luck.

the last statement i saw about the payout threshold for to eth wallets was fees had to be less than 25% of the total payout… don’t remember the exact phrasing but something around that.

Well there’s still more than 7 days until the next payout… Anything is possible until then.