HDD maximum space per one node

What is the real maximum HDD space for one node with any tricks is possible? I mean over 24Tb. It is too low space for restart and begin all from zero.

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What can I answer to you?.. Never say “never”.

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My understanding is there’s not a theoretical maximum, but there is a practical maximum that’s primary limited by how many customers are using Storj. I have 75TB allocated (pretty much all the space on my NAS I’m not using any time soon), and it’s filling up at a rate of between 20 to 45GB per day at the moment. I believe someone on the forums calculated the current practiical limit as somewhere in the region of 20TB, but that’d still take a long time to fill.

There is no limit in the storagenode’s code.
There is an equilibrium point between ingress and deletes, which is dynamic.

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This month i think i reached my maximum. Even the total daily ingress for all my nodes is about 200Gb, my total stored data stays at 30Tb.