Held amount not OK

I spent quite some time checking payout and numbers for the last 9 months and for all my nodes and held amount is never OK.
Below an extract for one of my node and satellite stefan-benten
(source script python earnings.py v9.4.0)


If held amount is coherent, can someone explain - thanks.

Amounts are small but I have around 50 nodes and if you multiply this by numbers of satellite, it is a substantial amount.

Held amount seems to be KO for first trimester and are OK after that.
I will try to find others examples more obvious

Good old rounding errors?

March 2020 (Version: 9.4.0)
                        TYPE            PRICE                   DISK       BANDWIDTH            PAYOUT
Upload                  Ingress         -not paid-                         877.95 GB
Upload Repair           Ingress         -not paid-                           8.39 GB
Download                Egress          20   USD / TB                      305.10 GB          6.10 USD
Download Repair         Egress          10   USD / TB                       15.86 MB          0.00 USD
Download Audit          Egress          10   USD / TB                        1.18 MB          0.00 USD
Disk Average Month      Storage         1.50 USD / TBm     235.42 GBm                         0.35 USD
Disk Usage              Storage         -not paid-         169.50 TBh
Total                                                      235.42 GBm        1.19 TB          6.46 USD
Total Surge (250%)                                                                           16.14 USD

Payout and held amount by satellite:
SATELLITE       JOINED     MONTH HELD%    HELD TOTAL          EARNED            HELD            PAID
us-central-1    2020-02-17     2   75%      0.00 USD      0.0239 USD      0.0179 USD      0.0060 USD
    SURGE (250%)                   75%                    0.0596 USD      0.0447 USD      0.0149 USD
europe-west-1   2020-02-17     2   75%      0.00 USD      0.1556 USD      0.1167 USD      0.0389 USD
    SURGE (250%)                   75%                    0.3890 USD      0.2918 USD      0.0973 USD
asia-east-1     2020-02-17     2   75%      0.00 USD      0.0581 USD      0.0435 USD      0.0145 USD
    SURGE (250%)                   75%                    0.1451 USD      0.1089 USD      0.0363 USD
saltlake        2020-02-17     2   75%      0.00 USD      6.1939 USD      4.6454 USD      1.5485 USD
    SURGE (250%)                   75%                   15.4848 USD     11.6136 USD      3.8712 USD
stefan-benten   2020-02-17     2   75%      0.02 USD      0.0239 USD      0.0180 USD      0.0060 USD
    SURGE (250%)                   75%                    0.0598 USD      0.0449 USD      0.0150 USD
TOTAL                                       0.03 USD      6.4554 USD      4.8415 USD      1.6138 USD
    SURGE (250%)                                         16.1385 USD     12.1039 USD      4.0346 USD

April 2020 (Version: 9.4.0)
                        TYPE            PRICE                   DISK       BANDWIDTH            PAYOUT
Upload                  Ingress         -not paid-                           5.00 GB
Upload Repair           Ingress         -not paid-                          72.13 MB
Download                Egress          20   USD / TB                       46.37 GB          0.93 USD
Download Repair         Egress          10   USD / TB                       71.83 MB          0.00 USD
Download Audit          Egress          10   USD / TB                      608.26 KB          0.00 USD
Disk Average Month      Storage         1.50 USD / TBm     490.54 GBm                         0.74 USD
Disk Usage              Storage         -not paid-         353.19 TBh
Total                                                      490.54 GBm       51.51 GB          1.66 USD
Total Surge (160%)                                                                            2.66 USD

Payout and held amount by satellite:
SATELLITE       JOINED     MONTH HELD%    HELD TOTAL          EARNED            HELD            PAID
us-central-1    2020-02-17     3   75%      0.05 USD      0.0561 USD      0.0421 USD      0.0140 USD
    SURGE (160%)                   75%                    0.0898 USD      0.0673 USD      0.0224 USD
europe-west-1   2020-02-17     3   75%      0.30 USD      0.1259 USD      0.0944 USD      0.0315 USD
    SURGE (160%)                   75%                    0.2014 USD      0.1511 USD      0.0504 USD
asia-east-1     2020-02-17     3   75%      0.11 USD      0.1265 USD      0.0949 USD      0.0316 USD
    SURGE (160%)                   75%                    0.2024 USD      0.1518 USD      0.0506 USD
saltlake        2020-02-17     3   75%      8.73 USD      1.3027 USD      0.9770 USD      0.3257 USD
    SURGE (160%)                   75%                    2.0842 USD      1.5632 USD      0.5211 USD
stefan-benten   2020-02-17     3   75%      0.07 USD      0.0527 USD      0.0395 USD      0.0132 USD
    SURGE (160%)                   75%                    0.0844 USD      0.0633 USD      0.0211 USD
TOTAL                                       9.25 USD      1.6639 USD      1.2479 USD      0.4160 USD
    SURGE (160%)                                          2.6622 USD      1.9967 USD      0.6656 USD

12 USD held in march
9.25 USD total held in april

In post 1 you took the amount including surge and applied surge again.

What is your question here? In post 1 you’re talking about stefan-benten only and now you compare it with the total held amount of all satellites?

Especially the third point was an adjustment that was executed on the satellite side and you will have a hard time to get exactly the same result on the client side (earning.py)

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I wrote the normal amount and surge amount but didnt count both in the total, obviously…
Second post is showing the incoherence in another way. The amount held in march cannot be superior to the total amount held in april.

Yeah that could explain what I see - thanks

Just some additional explanation of why this discrepancy could occur. Unlike the web dashboard, the earnings.py script tries to display the nodes own information where it can. This is intentional, so it can be used to verify the numbers the node gets back from the satellite. So the calculation of held amount in the month you’re looking at is based on its own book keeping. However, the held amount totals are based on what the satellite reports. They include the total held amount up until the start of the month. Satellite side adjustments as well as payouts that were shifted into a different month would impact when things were paid out or held, but the node isn’t aware of that so its own book keeping is no longer in line. For what it’s worth, the results have been very consistent on both ends in recent months. Nothing more than rounding errors in my experience.

You definitely made me double check and look at the code though. :wink: Can’t hurt to make sure I didn’t make a mistake somewhere, but it doesn’t look like it.

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just noticed my held amount on the recent payout is also off…
i’m at 25% held amount… so the numbers doesn’t make sense…
pretty sure i got paid based on these numbers also… so i’m getting 33% held instead of 25%

so not a huge difference, yeah i got paided 86 storj which is about 40$

lol i also got 0.20 held returned … O.o
my node is on it’s 8th month now i think

Solution in comment below

They added a new satellite not so long ago, so maybe you are 33% on average on all satellites ?


As @eha78 already said, the held amount is defined per satellite. Please check the individual satellites to see if those numbers match or check the table below the summary for your node age per satellite.

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sneaky… totally forgot about that… i’m sure it all makes sense then… my bad

hi all,
checking the held amount from my excel tracker vs node dashboard/earnings.py, and I find discrepancies I cannot explain (I looked for it on the forum, no luck though). Figures below:

  • node started end August, revenue=0.07, paid=0.02, held 75%=0.05 (rounded)
  • September, revenue=0.88, paid=0.22. held 75%=0.66 (sum of held=0.71)
  • October, revenue=2.31, paid=0.58, held 75%=1.72 (sum of held=2.44)
    Both node dashboard and earnings.py display held amount of 1.50.
    Is it a bug or is there something I did not understand in the held amount calculation?
    Thanks for shedding some light here and apologies if this topic was answered already somewhere else…

As stefanbenten said above…

yeah i would agree with @Stob tho when the payout is completed it is my understanding that it should be the same amount that was paid out… before payment its an estimate… which is also true for earnings.py

another thing to note is that your node is very new so vetting was completed recently and i do believe that each satellite vet’s individually, thus they will not all start counting the same at the same time, which might not be factored into the calculations…

there might also be some sort of limitation on how accurate this stuff can be… i duno…
give it a few months and keep an eye on it and see if it is a real problem or just some sort of artifact.

there are people going through this stuff with a fine tooth comb and from what i understand in most cases it will add up very accurately.

there was also something with the latest payout, where the conversion ratio was off by 10% i think…
10% is what your deviation seems to be… so maybe thats the cause…

thanks @SGC for picking up the topic. What I don’t get in the “held amount” topic, is where figures come from. But it even goes beyond the “held” amount.
Still in the same conditions as exposed in my former post, I cannot either see the volumes as the were reported on daily basis/monthly summary.
What I was seeing at time of operation:

  • August: egress 2.65GB payout 0.05 + 0.02 (storage) = 0.07, held 0.05
  • September: egress 23.25 GB payout 0.47 + 0.38 (storage) = 0.85, held 0.63
  • October: egress 0.00 payout 0.00 + 1.08 (storage) = 1.08, held 0.81
    —> OK, believe I understand now: maybe consolidated figures for October are not complete yet? and egress values still need to be confirmed by each satellite to be properly displayed in the dashboard.
    I will keep you further posted, when situation evolves

you got 0 egress recorded for October, that seems wrong no matter the state of the payout processing / estimates and what not… sorry that wasn’t clear from your earlier post.

i think we should have somebody run a diagnostic on your node…

forum looks pretty dead right now… might have to wait until tomorrow, @Alexey is in russia i believe so maybe he will be able to take a peak at it, else maybe @littleskunk… but i’m sure there are some storjlings around tomorrow… right now it’s daytime in the pacific or so… pretty dead here…
the quickest way to get it checked out is most likely to make a separate topic about it, there is this solution marking system, so that when people pose a problem it can get more attention and then be marked as solved … so posting the problem on this thread, tho very cohesive isn’t really working in your favor.

so yeah try making a new topic about the issue and i bet somebody will pick it up soon… if alexey or littleskunk are out for the night…

not sure it’s urgent tho… whatever damage that could happen has most likely happened, but i duno… just a very rough guestimate, so better to react i guess than leave it to simmer…
but there is a good chance it might not be picked up before tomorrow in…

on second thought tho it might be that orders error… you should go check this stuff

and if you are affected by this error then you might be able to follow the procedure on this thread…

i wasn’t affected by it, so didn’t really have to go through that, so can’t really help with that… and if you are affected, the damage is already done, but i believe it’s mentioned somewhere that one will need to fix the orders error for the node to operate correctly.

and in regard to compensation… i really don’t know… not sure if storj can do much about it really… but who knows… maybe just be happy that it was a few dollars then…

and hope for the best… anyways, best i can do for you…