Help set up my node using 15 usb 3.0 external hdds with Windows GUI

Hi, i read and watched all guides for seting up a node and im not a noob, as i mine other coins too. Still my node shows offline. The DUC 4.1.1 is ok, all green, the router however im not sure about, so here is a pic.

I just quit trying, i dont knwo what to do or how to set up all my hdds. As far as i understand i should not use Docker but use windows gui method which is newer?
Anyway, any help is appreciated.

The router settings:

what about windows firewall settings?

i would fill that drive first as you need to vet each new node for a month, so traffic will be reduced. Once your near full i believe you would have to use the gui toolbox to add a second gui node on windows. Cant verify as i’ve used a second pc for new node. The other option would be to raid your drives and then expand your storage space in the config file. This method has its pros and cons which again i’m not the person to give them to you.


Just to clarify, and because there are some bad assumptions about the activity, Storj is not mining, its a cloud storage with real customers, so the regular traffic is nor predictable neither garanteed, but you could also receive periodically testing data to test the infrastructure. The token is used as utility token you can then exchange in ETH/fiat. It is better to start with one node on one HDD and waiting the filling as recommanded earlier, since you won’t get more data if you add more hdd as the same time behind the same connection (data are splitted through the nodes as a large single one, and thus vetting/filling is much longer and less profitable in that way in short term).

I personally continue to use Docker, its easier to create multiples containers if you wish add more nodes/hdds on one machine in the future than the GUI version. But you’ll also find tools on the forum to install multiple GUI versions (but I didn’t tested yet, and I don’t like using “tier” tool). I have personally no more issue with Docker


I’m guessing your HDD isn’t available. Please check the node logs for hints as to what’s wrong.

It came up after 30 min after restart. I forgot about it, and now when i checked its online. Thanks

Update: next morning, after a restart, and also a second restart, its permanently offline even after 3 hours… nothing changed since last 2 days when it worked :frowning:

Use this checklist to diagnose the issue.

If the port is closed it’s your network setup, not the storj software. But if you want to put your storage to good use, I think we’ll sia back soon. :wink:

By all means look at other options, most of us here have done that too.


EDIT: Oops! Stray comment without reading the whole thread… I should probably delete it

Running a Sia node requires purchase of SIA coins on an exchange before the node can be publicly advertised on the Sia network.

Randomly found website with exchanges listing SIA

It’s also good to remember that Sia runs on its own blockchain and the token is not an ERC-20 token. So, it’s not possible to trade SIA on DEX platforms such as Uniswap.

I would like to suggest to check everything. Maybe it’s worth to write down the result of each step.

Since you using the docker version, I would like to suggest you to roll back the Docker desktop to the

i did check every step every time, i even know why it doesnt work… in the last 24h worked until 1h ago when again it shows offline because port is closed. Sometimes shows offline but i can see the node id. Sometimes that id also dissapears while its offline. I dont change any settings, and i rechecked them every day, they r unchanged. I even know them without reading. Sometime it stopps, then after the restart or even by itself starts again. Theres nothing i can do more.

What the version of the Docker desktop you currently use?

i only use DUC 411 and Storage node dashboard.

He’s using Windows GUI.

You don’t ever have to start the dashboard since it’s only a visual frontend. The node software itself runs as a windows service.

Go try XMR then. Or SIA, for that matter.

On a side note, this must be the most crap router I have ever seen.

Have you tried using the built-in DDNS feature of the router? I usually recommend going this way over some Windows DUC software, but maybe that’s just personal preference.

Have you checked if the storj windows service is actually running after a reboot?

checked the windows service and its runing. The node is runing now for more than 24h. If not i restart and then its ok again :slight_smile:
The router is very stable and works great. Since 4 yrs ago when i got optic fiber in the house, i received this router from the provider, and coming from linksys models, this is the best router i ever had, since it never has to be restarted. The linksys needed a reboot once a year aprox. I think its a cheap one but it works ok. I dont think it has a dns feature, i looked for it.
XMR SIA and others, since that matter, i am in all of them, except burst which i got out since it seems foolish to me, and a waste of resources because of poor strategy. I have too much space, so i must use it.

I’m sry…I meant Burst, not SIA :slight_smile: