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I recently came across your post: Host a Static Website with the Uplink CLI and Linksharing Service - Storj DCS

I’d like to go one step further. I’m trying to host a transactionnal website on Storj. My plan is to make a really simple form to upload a file on Storj via a website I would host on Storj.

What are your advices to manage to do such actions?

It would be even better to be able to host a wordpress website on the network.

For dynamic sites you need to run a web server, apache or nginx.
Then you can use a static content from the Storj DCS, and dynamic content on your web server.

Storj DCS doesn’t offer a compute service to run a web server, so without your own web server it would not be possible.

I was thinking to use s3 which offers such features with storj.
But I wanted to go “all in” on Storj.
Do you think it might be planned in the future?

We do not have plans to run compute service at the moment.

This is not about enable/disable some feature, this is a completely different project with own infrastructure/network. The S3 alone is unable to host dynamic sites too.

You can use Storj DCS as a “disk”, but to render a dynamic site you need a computing, server or at least lambda functions or similar features. You can try to use SONM or Akash to run the web-server and use Storj DCS for data.

However, all offered decentralized cloud/fog compute services are not encrypted and thus not protected against outside intervention from the owner of the hardware, unlike Storj DCS.

So, at the moment only own server in DC or at least VPC can be considered as a compute service. It’s still not secure, but at least owners of DC would have a contract with you and you can be protected by law. It’s not the same as encryption, but at least something.

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@LIJE - We’ve experimented with this and it’s possible. You need to either use a lambda-type service or something more ephemeral like As Storj and Fastly are partners, I would suggest looking into Compute@Edge.



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