How to force update to 1.104.1? (docker)

I want to use 1.104.1 as fast as possible. I have watchtower running. Could I have problems forcing the update, such as going back to a previous version with the auto updater?

I think it’s still in beta so might not be wise to use in production.

Also, my understanding was that you can’t downgrade once you’ve upgraded as there are some sort of database changes (says the obviously non-technical moron-SNO here :wink: )

Hang fire. It will come in the fullness of time :slight_smile:


I want to force update with a test node. I just want to know if is possible to do with docker and if automation will not broke everything (i knew that sometimes can happen)

Maybe, in the docker command, you can specify the version by substituting

docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:latest


docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:Version….

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Ooooh, that’s an interesting one!

@agente let us know if you try that, would be cool to know if it works :slight_smile:

You won’t be able to downgrade from this version due to the database migration. I highly recommend against using it before it rolled out.

If you want to run new versions on a test node, run an actual test node on testnet. Please join our public test network


I dont want to downgrade. My fear was that the watchtower or the updater could do it.

There is a v1.104.1 github release which is not RC or BETA. So I would say they rolled it out… :thinking:

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The docker image doesn’t even contain the storagenode. Just a script to download the updater and the updater then downloads the appropriate node version. You can switch to the test version server, but I can’t guarantee that will not downgrade, nor can I guarantee you can switch back to the production version server before test moves on to 1.105.

For any production node, I’d just wait.

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They haven’t rolled it out. Only on testnet.

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Then it should be marked as testnet only version. For most other github projects the latest none RC release is what u want to grab.

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If you are running docker on linux, this is pretty easy to do, since storagenodes are packaged as binaries, so we simply overwrite the storagenode binary inside /app in the container, and then restart the container.

For example this pulls a specific version from Github:


ARCH=$(docker exec $CONTAINER printenv GOARCH)

cat <<EOF | docker exec -i $CONTAINER bash
unzip -o storagenode_linux_$ && rm storagenode_linux_$
chmod +x storagenode

docker container restart $CONTAINER

I love risk! And I want to steal all the pieces.
In real I just need to fix my slow system a little

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Even my shittiest node has 99% success. Suspicious success rates

So not much space to improve here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Since I think I’m the reason for forcing an update (by asking if it’s OK to run a not-yet released version), I am obliged to add my disclaimer:

I updated a couple of nodes that I’m willing to lose (~25TB worth of data). That does not mean that everyone should rush to update to newer version unless one is willing to get his/her/its hands dirty when things go south (ie something breaks). I saw that those nodes are running stable and I’m slowing updating other nodes as well.

My main reason for updating other nodes (other than the ones I’m willing to lose) is the fix for trash space. If that wasn’t in, I wouldn’t bother until the next couple of weeks that the official release will be out. When having a lot of data, that means you inevitably end up with a lot of trash. I’m willing to lose 25TB worth of data, but I’m not willing to waste 25TB worth of non-existent trash.

So bottom line: If you don’t have a pressing reason to update, do not update until it’s officially out. Speed isn’t a pressing reason.

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Now that 1.104.1 is officially spreading over the network can I (without dangerous tricks) force update?