How to shutdown Storj_Node completely

I want to know how to end storj node completely and cleanly. Please help me.

No matter how many times I search, I can’t find a way, so I ask here.

If this question has been asked before, I will delete it.

I am sorry that my English is terrible.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum @tvtvy!

You have to execute graceful exit to do that. Why do you want to leave Storj network ?

Thank you for your reply.

I missed one thing when I wrote down a question.

I use Windows 10.

Can you tell me a solution for Windows 10?

The reason I’m leaving the network is because I have two of my miners, one of which I’m going to use for another purpose.
I didn’t know when I was setting up, but when I found out, the two miners’ nodes were different
So I’m going to shut down one node.

Thank you very much for your reply.

Are you using docker or GUI ?

I set it up using power shell.

There was no docker command when setting.

Can you show me the screen/dashboard of Storj running on your pc?

It just shows a dashboard in a browser.

When the computer starts, the node starts automatically.

No CLI is shown.

How old is your node? It needs to be running since at least 6 months for graceful exit to work.

The node I want to turn off is only two months old.

Then can I just end without a glassful exit?

Yeah then there is nothing you can do to get your held amount back. You can just shut it down.

Well you could keep it running on a Raspberry Pi :smiley: Or on your other miner


thank you very much.

It really helped.

Are there any updates on graceful exit of recent nodes?
Should we run node with zero capacity for a few months to exit?

There are some known problems that could cause a graceful exit to fail at the moment. I advise waiting until those are fixed. You could of course lower your storage allocation in the mean time, but data won’t be removed until customers actually remove it. So I wouldn’t expect a lot of extra space becoming available any time soon.

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