Ideas for the blog

This week, we will be doing some content planning for our blog and website and we would love to get your input on what we should cover through the second half of this year. We’re specifically looking for ideas that:

  • Are more on the technical side in nature (some examples include our DRPC and Tesla video backup blogs)
  • Focus on our priority use-cases (some of which include video streaming, binaries/software distribution, academic data sharing, file backup with specific tools)
  • Are generally interesting to developers, especially people who work in DevOps

Please, post your ideas in the Topics tagged blog category.


A bunch of ideas.

«How do I distribute/download assets/updates for my next blockbuster Unity game?» on integration with some popular game frameworks.

«What are the disaster recovery concerns with Storj» on key management, backing them up, etc.

«How do I let users of my business C#/WinForms/ADO.NET monster application upload business documents?», maybe with some focus on remotely working users.

«Storj in microservices», probably again on distribution of keys, maybe some state synchronization and such.

Also, I’d look for inspiration in how AWS was advertising S3 10-15 years ago. Not now, they’re in a totally different position, but at their beginnings. The world is a bit different, but the typical business concerns don’t change so quickly.


Random interviews with SNO’s or customers as to why they participate in or use storj?


Now, that I am actually awake, more ideas. Some of the articles written on this forum would probably qualify after some editing to show how great the Storj community is. Some ideas:

(in general, browse by ?order=likes).

Also, some topics that focus on technical details, like the details of the approach Storj takes to ensure geographical distribution, the garbage collecting process, the vetting process and how Storj deals with nonperforming nodes, some ELI5 explanation of the reliability math from the whitepaper, the work on UDP-based protocol—topics that would show how sophisticated, reliable and quality solution Storj is (though I don’t know whether these topics were already published in a blogpost form).