In the works: Awesome updates to the SNO Dashboard! [April2020]

ETA: Im updating this post because some of the info in my initial post was announced prematurely. These are things that are being worked on – and theyre super exciting.

Our SNO Team led by @viktor has made the following changes is working on the following enhancements to the Storage Node Operator dashboard:

  • displaying Held Amount,

  • past, current and projected payout numbers displayed

    We do listen, and we love making you happy. Please join me in thanking Viktor and the SNO Team for their hard work - its super appreciated!!


Great news @jocelyn!
Thx :slightly_smiling_face:

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it is great news, so when will the extra info be displayed on the web ui dashboard as version 1.1.1 is not available on the web ui.

you understand what you just said right?

did you read the last change log

I think you meant to say the held amount and all the extra features aren’t on your web ui yet but you have version 1.1.1, It was said its going to take a bit before all the calculations can be done on the web ui.

Amazing work. Congrats. Really one of the features I waited the most.

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Well I can understand that the calculations will take time there are no info on the ui as to were the info is to be displayed that is why I posted.

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Great work! :slight_smile:

“displaying Held Amount” … thats awesome … cause i have no idea =)) @viktor is cool !!!

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Sorry but I have to step in an crash the party. This is what you currently get:

  1. On the left side you see the payout combined for all satellites. The green part should be accurate.
  2. On the right side you see the same page but now I selected the us satellite. It is still showing the total payout for all satellites. Only the green parts are changing depending on which satellite I am selecting and it looks like these values could be correct. -> The satellite selector is confusing right now. It is not totally wrong so I give the selector an orange.
  3. The held calculation is not working at all. On the us satellite I should be in the 0% and not 75% range. On saltlake the 75% would be correct but the amount is still 0.
  4. The total held amount might work as soon as we backfill the satellite database. For the moment you will see a big 0 all the time.
  5. Ignore the wording about the estimation. It is showing me the payout for the current date and over the month that will increase slowly.

Looks like a nice step in the right direction, I can’t wait to see it fully working.


I see that you have experience crashing parties


Don’t invite me to your next party :smiley:

does this mean we can pull v1.1.1 now?

Wait for the auto updater. It might take a few days until your storage node will update but this procedure gives us control over the rollout. We can stop the rollout if we notice any issues. If you pull the update yourself without using the auto update you might also pull bugs without the hotfix that might get deployed a few minutes later. The auto update process is design for a slow rollout and possible fast hotfixes.

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I believe I’m spotting some similarities in layout and wording. :wink:

I very much approve! :smiley:

Good to see the TBm unit in there as well. I think it makes more sense than TBh for most people.

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Oh and I couldn’t help myself. Had to steal the idea of having the price in there.

I’m holding this release until my node has 1.1.1 though. There is probably more stuff in the db’s now that I can use.

Though… to be honest, it seems all the essentials will be on the dashboard now and my calculator is probably no longer needed. So far I’ve enjoyed maintaining it, so I might still into the future. But I’m glad the important information will be available to everyone much easier now. Just a few fixes as @littleskunk outlined and it’s perfect.


Will CLI dashboard also display payout/held amount info? Will there be /payout endpoint endpoint for those who use command line only. That would be cool. Don’t forget about us, cli-dashboard guys and gals, please:)

If endpoint named “payout” is too boring it may be “/you-are-this-amount-closer-to-becoming-millionare” :wink: …or what ever of your choosing)

Thanks on adding payouts to graphical dashboard though! :slight_smile: Many will benefit for sure.


storjlabs/storagenode:beta is still on v1.0.1 anyways… duno about storagenode:latest
isn’t brave enough to run that on my node yet xD