Is polygon still an option?

I set up my first node yesterday, running on Linux, I followed the instructions to enable polygon with zksync as a fallback by adding the following line into config.yaml,

operator.wallet-features: ["polygon", "zksync"]

But when I go to the web dashboard it shows that I’ve opted in for zksync, no mention of polygon, I’d prefer polygon as I already use it for a few other things but have no experience with zksync.

No problem, the default payment service is polygon with this configuration. The prefer payment is polygon and second payment service is zksync if the first payment on the polygon network fail. If you want receive the payment only on polygon, you edit the line with operator.wallet-features: [“polygon”] and the payment is esclusive in this network. In the web interface of node you don’t view the opt-in for polygon network now, in the future it will be integrate.

Thank you, I’m guessing it’ll be a while until my first payment but at least it’ll happen way quicker than L1!

The payment on the polygon network and zksync don’t have the minimal payment. This is the advantage of payment on L2 network