May 12, 2023, Ethereum Layer 1, and zkSync payouts for the month of April are complete

Hello! Payouts for the completed month of April are complete.

First off, please make sure you saw our announcement about changing payout rates that have taken effect May 1.

For layer 1 payments, we paid 1,047 unique wallet addresses. Gas fees were high this month! There is no specific minimum payment threshold but it appears the pipeline was able to pay out for people who earned $20 or more.

For zkSync payments, we paid 1,840 unique wallet addresses. Everyone who opted into zkSync got a 10% bonus!

Remember that last month was the last month to utilize Polygon. All payments for this round went either over layer 1 or zkSync. We are still working on our zkSync Era support.

Across all layers, we paid 2,883 unique addresses. As always, if you have more questions, please make sure you’ve read through our mega FAQ.

The policies put in place regarding bonuses for nodes operated in Ukraine are still in place.


That’s like a 2.5x drop in L1 addresses, compared to last two payouts, but the number of nodes nor the reported space did not drop at all (stats). Any insight on what happened?

Some of it could be due to not reaching payment threshold, but 1500 less addresses seems a bit too much to be caused just by this.

Just curious :upside_down_face:

There was no drop in zksync addresses which were unaffected by the over doubling of the minimum payment amount, it fact they increased by 24. It makes sense that the increase of minimum payment from $9 to $20 was the cause of the decrease in layer 1 addresses. In fact you could look at the payments last month and see how many of them were over $20 and use that as proof of your claim if it supported it.


What claim? It was a question based on being surprised by the numbers.

It makes sense to affect the number, but was just curious if that was the only factor as the drop is quite big.

Ah, right. Not used to everything being so open :laughing:
But that’s not needed. You are probably right that most folks just did not get past the threshold. Many nodes are rather fresh still.

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If I have unpaid earnings, because I was using Layer 1 payouts, and I switch over to zksync, will the unpaid amount be paid as zksync at the next payout?

Drat! I missed it with $19.47 earned across my 3 nodes!
:shakes fist at gas prices:

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Yep! We just keep track of your overall balance and each month pay out what we can based on what payment mechanism you’ve selected (if you clear that mechanism’s threshold).

Notably, we currently have no minimum threshold for zkSync payments, so yes, you can pull all of the earnings we have yet to distribute by switching to zkSync (or waiting for gas fees to drop a lot). We enabled zkSync because the Ethereum gas fees are a bit outside of our control. zkSync helps us keep those costs down significantly.

In terms of the number of layer 1 addresses we paid, @LrrrAc is right, if you graph earnings per wallet, it’s pretty interesting. Here’s a table:

Earnings          | Wallet count
Earned 50 or more |  255
Earned 40 or more |  353
Earned 30 or more |  542
Earned 20 or more | 1047
Earned 10 or more | 2248
Earned 5 or more  | 3186
Earned 1 or more  | 4939

Yep, seems like it was entirely gas fees.


Thanks. Just waiting on my preferred wallet to reactivate WalletConnect.

I remember when I first started ETH fees were so high I had to build up to about $75 USD before I got my first payment.