MND Dashboard - Payout Flow

Hello guys!
Our team is working hard on Multinode Dashboard, and we’d like to show you current payout flow we have.

Please don’t be scared of strange numbers, it’s just mocked data :slight_smile:

General payouts page

On the left on this page you can see a list of nodes with held / paid data to each node. You can filter them by selecting a satellite and/or time period (only for past periods) By clicking on one of the nodes you will get more detailed payout information about this node

On the right there is some additional information about all your nodes:
Details - how much was earned, held and paid
Balance - payouts that haven’t been distributed and estimated earnings for current month

Payout History
In the future we’re gonna add ability to download your payout history by selected time frame

Detailed payouts information

You will land on this page after clicking one of the nodes from the list. Here you can see familiar information as we’ve had on SNOBoard payouts page and some more - links to Etherscan & ZKSync, undistributed balance & estimation for the node you selected.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


i hope it will be avaleble on windows also

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My words I run everything on windows exclusively currently

Though considering Ubuntu too

Looks pretty nice!

I have just one small remark. I think everywhere where it says “paid” it refers to earnings after subtraction of held amount. This terminology is now a little confusing as the threshold will often lead to that amount not being paid out yet. I think changing that to payout might be a little better, but maybe you can come up with even better terminology.

Can anything be said yet about how this will be distributed? Will this be part of the node software itself and just allow you to add other nodes to the dashboard of one node? Or will it be a separate install?

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I like that you finally use the terms “earned” and “paid”, which removes a confusion factor that always annoyed me!

Also pretty sleek design.

Dig that one as well.

What is the link of the board, so we can see it ourselves?

Very good job guys !! Can t wait to use it. When will this be’ available ?