Multi-Node Dashboard. Is/when is it coming?

Hi there!
I’m a lover of graphical data and it breaks my heart that there is no option to summarize all owned nodes on the same page.
Combined Egress/Ingress graphs of all nodes would be so nice.

Is this something you devs are considering to add?
Or does someone know a workaround?

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Currently devs are working to get the dashboard for multiple nodes out so stay tuned :slight_smile:


they are working on it.
Until then:

yes: Prometheus Storj-Exporter

looks like this:


Hey everyone,

I think the Multi-Node dashboard is the most requested SNO feature right and it’s something we are actively working on! If you run multiple nodes you probably received an email a couple of days ago asking if you wanted to signup for The reason for that email was because next week we are going to do some usability testing and focus group sessions around the multinode dashboard. The product team at Storj Labs has created a PRD (product requirement document) and wireframes for this functionality and we would like to validate some of it with you all because at the end of the day you are the end-user! We should have some more updates about this in our next Product/ Development update that will be published at the end of the month on the blog.


Sadly I have not gotten that email. I actually have never gotten any emails from my nodes…

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