Multiple Node Installations using Windows Gui Installer

Is there a possibility to install multiple nodes using the windows installer?
Just rerunning the installer does not work.

Why I want to do this:
I have 4 network cards with dedicated unrestricted 1gbit access and I wanted to install for each network card a node with a dedicated hard drive.

Does that even make sense?

You can install the Windows service only one PC.
We do not recommend to make a multisetup except having a different PCs and different HDDs, otherwise it will be centralization which we want to avoid.
Moreover, the multisetup have a downsides as well:


I’m wondering what the best practice for utilizing multiple hard drives is, then.

Is the only viable scenario using some (single) old external HDD on my laptop, running a single node?

Why does the documentation point out we need 1 CPU core per node if we won’t be able to run more than one node per external IP?

I have several hard drives of varying sizes at hand, with v1 I was able to run multiple nodes accordingly - on 1 machine.

I totally get the point of countering decentralization if some users run 100s of nodes at 1 location, but all i want is to contribute all of the disks in my server to the network, which isn’t a particularly uncommon scenario imho.

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You will not have any advantage of running multiple nodes, they will receive the same traffic as only one node, because we want to be decentralized as much as possible.

You have a three options:

  • RAID. Please, do not use RAID without a parity, you have a high chance to lose a whole node with one disk failure. The RAID with parity will protect you from one disk failure, but you will waste space for parity.
  • Docker desktop. You can run multiple nodes, one per HDD, but better to increase the RAM for docker VM.
  • Use a Linux or Linux VM and use the docker from there.
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Hi Alexey,
thanks for your reply.

I can’t use RAID.

Docker didn’t work for me when i first tried out v3 and i won’t waste even more time trying to get docker to run.

Why can’t I just run 1 node per CPU core like it was in v1?

To do not repeat the v2 with hundreds unreliable nodes on one PC

The keyword decentralization

We want to have as much nodes as possible across the world

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I just setup a Windows server with 15TB of RAID6 storage. My internet connection with 1GB synchronous. I have an 8TB non-RAID disk that I’d like to add. Can I? Should I? How do I do it?

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It will take a while to fill up those 15TB so wait and watch your node. You can fine tune it till you get the hang of it. You can later on add another HDD but Storj strongly recommends using 1 node per HDD

You can use this to add new GUI node

but you should wait minimum your first node is vetted

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