My uptime should be 100% on all satellites i have not gotten any uptime robot notifications of downtime in months

i am glad am not the only one with this issue my uptime should be 100% on all satellites i have not gotten any uptime robot notifications of downtime in months and this machine only does one storagenode 25 TB.

Would you mind to provide dashboard from the uptimerobot?

And also, please, provide result of the command:


foreach ($item in ((Invoke-WebRequest http://localhost:14002/api/sno).Content | ConvertFrom-Json) {
    ((Invoke-WebRequest http://localhost:14002/api/sno/satellite/$item).Content | ConvertFrom-Json) |
        Where-Object{$_.totalCount -ne $_.onlineCount} | ForEach-Object{Write-Host $item; $_ | Format-Table -AutoSize}


for item in `curl -sL http://localhost:14002/api/sno | jq '.satellites[].id' -r`; do
    curl -s http://localhost:14002/api/sno/satellite/$item | \
    jq '{id: .id, auditHistory: [[] | select(.totalCount != .onlineCount)]}'

See GitHub - AlexeyALeonov/online-score

As you can see, your uptime is 99.989% for the last 7 days.
It’s pretty match to what you see on the dashboard.
You also can check what exact days and how long your node was offline on the uptimerobot site.
With provided scripts you can check this information with your storagenode too (but only roughly - they would show your dates when that happened, not the exact time and not how long, but you can divide 12 hours interval on number of audits and multiply to number of success checks, you will get a rought estimation regarding time since the timestamp in the report).

it’s very difficult to keep it at 100% even updating takes time…
and there are only 720 hours in a month… so even 7 minutes of downtime will be 0.01% loss of the 100.00%

on top of that you get 2 updates every month giving you less than 3 minutes of DT for each to keep at like 100% not sure when it rounds up from like 99.95% or whatever…

then because uptime is measured by audits, storagenodes with less data will have higher granularity in the estimated uptime… because thats what it is … and estimate…

if the node has enough data it will be highly accurate to within like a few minutes…
if the node has limited data then you might lose 5 - 10% or even more just for random chance by getting an audit when the node is down and because its rare to get audits that breaks a larger time frame… window or whatever its called…

so best you can possibly hope for is 99.99% and then it will be rounded up to 100%
else random chance might take you to 100% … .but it’s really a near impossible state…

realistic… 99.95% online score and you should be very happy… if your online score keeps dropping you have a problem… if it keeps around 90-100% you most likely don’t have any issue aside from regular maybe instability issues… even a single reboot a month will set you back but a bit… and on some servers one might not even notice its in a cycle of crashing and reboot

but 97% isn’t bad… basically just means you rebooted if its smaller nodes… some will have 100% others will have 97% or whatever… quite random… with limited stored data for a sat

well here is a new screen shot of what the dashbord is displaying, now saltlake sat. has always been a poor performer.

Please, read How is the online score calculated? - Node Operator to understand, how it works.