New payment method launched (zkSync)

Is it possible to hold the STORJ tokens until ETH2.0 rolls out with low transaction fees and then receive payment?
I just don’t want to bother with introducing more complexity in the payment system (zksync wallet shit). We all want to avoid high transaction fees.
SNO-s are in for the long run.


Here here, i am getting a little tired of wallets
I like the idea of using zkSync, but boy, why is there never a simple method of doing this. This is the bottle neck in crypto and will always be until connection is made into a 1 click setup. Why is everything in crypto have to be so time consuming.
I suppose i can simply stay with Ethereum rip off currency option.
Anyhow, i will try latter when i have an hour or 2 spare.

You of course can just wait to clear the threshold and receive a payout on L1.

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Is there any easy way to access my zkSync wallet only with a private key?
I used to access my STORJ wallet on MyEtherWallet by unlocking it with my private key, not mnemonic phrase.
I guess this is my oldest wallet, created before Metamask-like apps became mainstream…

Yes - you can import it to the Metamask using your private key. But this will not persist over your devices or after reinstallation and cannot be recovered with Metamask’s phrase. So, you still need to keep your private key in safe.
However it is a one time procedure. You will need to repeat it only if you want to use it on other device or if you reinstalled Metamask.

Many thanks for the very accurate answer.
I was unaware of MetaMask’s import functionality that gives more options than the welcome screen.
Good to see a payment as it was accumulating since december :wink:

Kudos to Storj. A third payment method change is amazing to see. I wonder how you could give so much effort to implement a working micro payment solution in parallel of your actual product roadmap.
CounterParty died, Storj survived.
Etherum failed to deliver, Storj survived.
Feels like a tardigrade. Oh wait… :slight_smile:


I have successfully received payments from 2 of my nodes via zkSync.

I think it would be fair to mention here and in
that it is required to register public key once start using zkSync account and withdraw funds. This operation costs ~11000 gas on-chain. At the moment of writing it is 8.75 STORJ ~$5.80

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Sorry can you explain ? is the ~11000 needed to be paid to receive, or only paid on send to L1, or paid just to use zkSync ?

I have ~23STORJ in my zkSync wallet (~$15.69). When I try to withdraw, I get following popup:

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This is by design for L2 zksync. You need to pay gas to activate the wallet, as in the message.

Ok, but this wasn’t made clear anywhere earlier and I am bit surprised. I believe this this should be stated clearly to avoid misunderstandings both in documentation and here


I think it was made abundantly clear in all the discussions regarding L2 payments via zkSync.


@thev @CutieePie
11000 gas is one time registration of your address on zkSync. They promise to remove it soon.
If you want to do that now, you can pay it in STORJ tokens.

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i think that “you”/ the team will do the best for all! i trust you will do the best. just give the directions to follow … :slight_smile:
meanwhile …im not being paid! whaaattttt ? … am i doing something wrong? it says i have some earnings but … there are no payouts?
many thanks!

Did you opted-in for zkSync? If so, please, check your address on
If you did not - then please, check your dashboard in the Payout information - is your balance zero?

hi alexey, …sorry for the time …
but…im back! …
no… i dont think i did that… but i have some issues!

Please create a separate thread with issue and we would try to help

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