New Tardigrade satellite?

I just spotted a new satellite in my nodes dashboard: 12rfG3sh9NCWiX3ivPjq2HtdLmbqCrvHVEzJubnzFzosMuawymB

Another europe satellite?


Looks like it! I just saw it too

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yup but so far only 2 of 4 nodes.

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I have the new node visible in both dashboards of my two nodes but only one of them has any history for audits.

One of my nodes is full of data so wondering if there is a problem with that node being full of data that you are not able to get audited on that node?

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if the node is full, it can’t get data from that satellite and therefore no audits.

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Which is fine and understandable except at some point the test data that is currently filling my node will be deleted and then I will have to wait a month before I could receive any data from this new satellite.

Normally I would visit the node and increase the physical disk space but thats not currently possible. With the vetting process now looking like it takes 2-3 months to complete then this is a substantial amount of time that I could not be storing data from the new satellite nd thus impacting my potential earnings.

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wonder if this north one actually has a better ping … the other ones was at a minimum of 100 to 250ms last i tried them…

@soothill data is constantly being deleted, i see it in my logs all the time, on my node the deletion ratio to uploads and downloads are like 20%
ofc thats kinda a useless measure, but i got 88500 deletions in little over 4 days. on a 3.2tb data currently stored node… so i’m sure if there is traffic from the satellite then it will get vetted also if storj all of a sudden needs the space, believe me the test data will just vanish immediately.

no data of note seeming to come out of the eu north sat yet… got like a few hundred MB on the 17th and then 1.2GB or so the 18th… will be interesting to see what happens with that.

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Had the same problem with saltlake, so I increased the space of all full nodes temporarily to get some data that could be audited.
But maybe it is enough with the current deletes to occaionslly get some data from europe-north too to get vetted in time.

I’m glad I just upgraded my nodes with a new 8TB HDD :smiley:

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Doesn’t really matter. The satellite do not transfer customers’ data, so more important speed between your node and customer.


Hey @kevink, you are right. This is a new satellite that just joined the network. We are continuously improving the network.
This satellite´s first task will be to handle the switched over operation of soon. We are preparing everything to make that service more stable and available again.
As some of you might notice there is initial data being uploaded already!


In theory, I don’t have a problem with this particular behavior.

However, there are practical problems with future possible payouts. When a new satellite is first contacted, the SN starts on month One on that satellite. Thus the traffic/stored data is at the 75% escrow level.

If a full node doesn’t get any audits for the new satellite, that node will not start the escrow clock… at least I think that’s how it works… If this is true, then a full node stands to lose future payouts when deletions come in for older data on other satellites opening up space for the new satellite to begin audits.

Wouldn’t it be better to move a small amount of data off full nodes in order to enable some level of contact and audits on new satellites? … This way full nodes aren’t penalized in potential future earnings.

My full node has received exactly zero data/audits on the new satellite…

$ sqlite3 --header --column reputation.db "select hex(satellite_id), audit_total_count,audit_reputation_score from reputation;"

hex(satellite_id)                                                 audit_total_count  audit_reputation_score
----------------------------------------------------------------  -----------------  ----------------------
004AE89E970E703DF42BA4AB1416A3B30B7E1D8E14AA0E558F7EE26800000000  19824              1.0                   
7B2DE9D72C2E935F1918C058CAAF8ED00F0581639008707317FF1BD000000000  7056               1.0                   
84A74C2CD43C5BA76535E1F42F5DF7C287ED68D33522782F4AFABFDB40000000  25811              1.0                   
A28B4F04E10BAE85D67F4C6CB82BF8D4C0F0F47A8EA72627524DEB6EC0000000  22565              1.0                   
AF2C42003EFC826AB4361F73F9D890942146FE0EBE806786F8E7190800000000  28225              1.0                   
F474535A19DB00DB4F8071A1BE6C2551F4DED6A6E38F0818C68C68D000000000  0                  1.0

Doesn’t appear that that new satellite has started any audits…since it came online yesterday, I’ve received 3.5GB in data ingress and have had 0 audits thus far.

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Error: no such table: reputation

why didn’t that work for me, is that because it’s running inside the docker container?
and if so is there an easy way to check that.

I’m almost certain that is not the case. We’ve seen several nodes that had no traffic at all in the first month, yet the escrow counter started. I’m almost certain this counter starts when the node first reaches out to the satellite regardless of any transfers happening. This has been further confirmed by nodes seeing less held back amount than they would have expected based on the “first contact” info in the earnings calculator. That’s because the earnings calculator uses the earliest bandwidth usage to determine that date.


The database files are located at in the base directory in your “mount” option…

That’s the mount option with destination=/app/config

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If you’ve got it right… then I got no worries.

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He is right. The contact date is a date when the node become online on that satellite, i.e. at first successful check-in.


So… if my node’s db contains a score of 1 for the new satellite but no audits… as per my post above… then the escrow clock is running?


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so you need a dedicated satellite to a dedicated customer? “north” would indicate Northern Europe = Scandinavia