No payout for 47 days

See please. Am I missing something?

Hi subwolf,

A minimum threshold for payouts has been implemented due to high ethereum gas prices. See the following threads for info:

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You can opt-in for zkSync to receive your payout independently on high fees and minimum threshold on L1. See


I was about to ask about this myself because I didn’t get paid last month. i usually get around $50/mo and was suprised i wouldn’t have met the threshold. Here’s a quote from jtolio that should cover it.

funny so i get my payout after 1year or later :smiley:

Currently the Gas fee is $1,175.45, yesterday is was just under $2k.
So you would need ~$4k to receive a payout using ETH, right :smiley:?unknown

im still not understand why whey stick with his eth bullshit? for killing node operators and get more bad reputation like a scammers? here have many coins with very low fees. im not really care with coin i receive payment as i will know for my month work i receive pay not my payment fly somewhere in cloud for … knows how long time or run node from my pocket money over 1 or 2 till i retch min payout even i earn min pay i still need to pay high fees to exchange or even move fron one wallet to another wallet so here is 100% no point to spend money to be node operator

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That’s why I said they should take a look at Cardano, the fees are low and it should be pretty easy to move from ETH to Cardano soon.
If they stay on ETH until the release of 2.0 (maybe 2023?) it will totally ruin (if not kill) their business model, in my opinion.

Some birds are saying Mr. Kim DotCom (Megaupload) plans a decentralized storage platform on the Cardano network. That could be some serious competition for storj in the future.

Actually the gas price isnt that bad now.


You can opt-in for zkSync and get it every month. Moreover, the fee for withdrawal would be almost the same as on L1 for tokens transfer

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The fees are low, while we are not there. As soon as number of transaction will grow, it will end as the ETH.
We already did the migration from BTC to ETH for exact this reason. But unlike Counterparty (it’s token network on BTC), the ETH has much more wide community. And much more than on Cardano (or whatever). The migration is painful, it takes YEARS:

And after all we again have this problem with fee.
But we already have a solution - L2 payouts via zkSync and no migration needed.

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I think something wrong with your wallet