Node almost full but I see a lot of ingress

Before 1.3.3 I have only 2 GB of free space, yesterday I see an ingress of 180 GB and now the available space is 20 GB

What I’m missing?


Take a look on usage graph. I think a lot of deletes is coming in.


Where I can find the usage graph?

On your web-dashboard.

I don’t understand how I can see deletes in the web-dashboard

Click the number after @Alexey comment “(7)”

It doesn’t show the deletes though, unless I’m blind too.

You can see a reducing in Disk Space Used this Month.
For example:


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For the record, the picture above is my node, which had at least 2 “database locked” errors when updating the disk usage. The graph is not showing the reality, as there is still 4 TB (and 1TB free) used by storj, which would result in around 96TB*h per day.

There is an issue with saltlake satellite:

Both your errors are not related to the disk usage, so this information is irrelevant here.

The data can be deleted and uploaded in the same time. You can see a fluctuations in the disk usage graph.

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I don’t understand this.

  1. “Disk spaсe used this month” is zero. But satelite folder on disk used 2.5Tb. I check it by “du” command. Why is data at the disk if it was deleted.
  2. Bandwidth is about 10Gb per day. Its imposible to delete and upload 2.5Tb via 10Gb bandwidth in two days.

So far as I know, some stat info is not updated on the saltlake satellite. It should be updated soon and reported back to nodes.
So, need a time

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