I have zero "disk space used" at saltlake yesterday

I’m not the only one with these problems
Is this a problem for us or for you?

*you are not alone …

One small comment. I didn’t have any problems with electricity. Node did’n reseted.

I am seeing the same drop for yesterday on this satellite.

Well OK then look at this thread that discusses how the graph is wrong:

Same for me, and bandwidth is rolling as usual…

I’m seeing the same behavior and I’m fairly certain I upgraded my nodes on 5/2. There’s about 246 times more data showing for 5/2 than for 5/3. That’s so close to 256 that I wonder if the 1.3.3 release added a bit shift somewhere that’s throwing off the calculation…

same here… going to be the last time i’ll update from a solid working release and upgrading to a buggy one because i updated when 1.3.3 was online for download.

i’m sure the node is fine… its just the damn dashboard thats crazy … as always.

@SGC @cdhowie I don’t think this is related to the node upgrade. I just upgraded mine today AFTER seeing the graph in hope to solve this.
So it does not seem to be node-related, I think it’s more of a problem with the satellite itself.

I don’t think the satellite is used as the source of this information, is it? The node knows how much billable disk space is used… why would it ask the satellite for this information?

To be honest I don’t know where this data come from. I can only confirm that my node had the same problem while being on v1.1.1
I assumed the node and satellite worked together to track this information, the satellite needs the usage info to make payments right? And surely it has some way to track the info.
Also, why is saltlake the only satellite affected if it’s a node bug?

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This must be an issue with the satellite, and if not fixed and retroactively corrected for the days that the storage space is being used, it’s going to impact payouts. It appears that Saltlake is not recording the space used on disk, which is an issue. This is also confirmed in the earnings payout script from Brightsilence.

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i would say the odds of the node making critical errors like this is near zero…
don’t worry about it, give them a few days to fix it and be happy that you didn’t actually have a real issue… xD

and if it is a critical issue we all seem to have it…

its just the dashboard programming being crappy… like its been for the two months i have been here…

I can also confirm that saltlake isn’t reporting usage after upgrade to 1.3.3 (May 4th for me). Other satellites are not affected.

Saltlake is sending delete commands for hours, maybe it is cleaning up stored data now that got removed a few days ago? Maybe this is not a bug but an customer really having deleted PetaBytes…

What is weird is that i dont see an drastic increase on files count / size in the trash folder… It should not?

I see my “remaining disk space” slowly rising, but at this rate it will take days if not weeks, if it is really deleting all that saltlake data

We are aware of the issue and working on the fix with Salt Lake Satellite.

It’s an accidental slowness in accounting of the used storage.

It shouldn’t affect any actual earnings and should be resolved soon.


As predicted, I got an update, which (at least somewhat) compensates for the missing data of the last days.

@Egon Thanks for that information. You guys could save yourself a lot of time reading our “we are scared about our node’s integrity” posts if we could find information about network health and known issues easily somewhere. Same for version updates, whose changelog is hidden in “engineering discussions”.


I have same problem and bandwidth is getting worse by deleting the data.
I would be very grateful if anyone can help me.

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