Node september statistic suddenly changed


I’ve seen that my september stadistics just changed with no reason at all.

when I was finishing september I was with like 300gb of egress in my node (like 200-250 from download and 50gb repair)

but now If i see the september stadistics they say that I have 76,97gb of download and 2gb of repair!!!

WTF just happened there? my earning was goona be like 10$ (held 5$ and receive 5$) and just cutted in half (thanks god seems that disk average was not modified)

Are you sure your not looking at Oct period now?

yeah pretty sure,says september 2020

and I’ve already surpased that supossedly september stadistic by today in october

Have you checked your wallet? Maybe you can show what your looking at as well.

It happened to me as well. Read this thread.

It is not clear if we are going to receive that payouts.

yeah they payment fits the alleged payment stadistics that my node shows


¿so is just an error?

¿and I’m gonna loose half my payment with no right to reclaim it?


I was a shock when I started the nodes and saw that they where getting lower that the “official earnings estimator” said but decided to continue and expand my nodes.

but if I’m gonna pay light,hardware and even their errors,probably better to go down all the nodes

thanks for the answers anyway

I dont know if there are way to reclaim it, its my third month here. Just found the problem thanks to the forum.

anyway how did you checked that files in the terminal?

I just know how to use the web interface,but don’t know how to check my nodes in terminal

Im not sure about your question, I use windows file explorer and cut and copy the unsend files.

I mean,what commad did you used to check this

the terminal window,not the web one

I dont know, I will search.

Maybe someone can tell us :innocent:

The screenshot on the left is the result of script.
I think he run it with setting the month of september as argument (so probably: ./ /path/to/storj/data 2020-09)

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¿the “/path/to/storj/data” refers to the path of the node’s hard disk root?

it refers to the directory where there are bandwidth.db files (and so on). In general, it is in the “storage” directory in your disk.

But you probably did it correct since you have a result.

can’t acces storage folder,says permison denied and if I use sudo doesn’t recognice the command.

I’m in linux

¿any idea?

Did you get the script?
Then you have to execute it with sudo in order to make sure you won’t have permission issues.

Hello there!

The payout history shows the estimations based on your local stat, but the estimator is not aware are orders sent or not. The satellite account only settled orders, it doesn’t know the local stat of storagenode (and will not trust it anyway, it should have a signed order by both sides - customer and storagenode to bill the customer and pay to storagenode).
When the payout is finished, satellites will push down the payout stat to nodes.
And if your node has not submitted orders - the difference will come.

There is two known reasons for unsent orders:

  • expired orders - if they would not sent within 48 hours after agreement with the uplink (customer);
  • orders not submitted if you on version which is older than a minimum allowed.

For the first issue, this could happen, if you have a long downtime in unfortunate time and all your unsent orders are expired.
Also, there seems could be bugs

Those bugs could prevent storagenode to submit orders to the satellites.

The second reason (old version) should not be an issue if you have automatic updates enabled, otherwise - your node will not be paid and will not have any ingress.
If your node older than a minimum allowed version, it will stop receive an ingress, and as turned out - can’t submit unsent orders.
If it older than a two releases (I will to ask for sure) - it will fail to start.


just figured out how to use the screen and checked that in both nodes (I have 2 nodes operating in the same system)

they’ve lost more than 70% of their supposed egress






checked both versions and they’re in v1.13.3 build from 1 oct 2020 with the watchtower working

¿any chance this money will return to me in the next payment or is lost forever?