Not receiving traffic after 2.5 month at 100% uptime

i have setup storj node with docker and allocated 1.4TB of disk space out of 2 TB of disk space.

Its been 2 month I created around 8th February and running at 100% uptime in suspension & audit.

I am barely receiving 500 MB per day traffic ingress and Engress included

This looks ‘normal’ for current network usage. A new node needs to complete a vetting process before they can access the remaining 95% of network traffic. The network has had a huge number of new nodes join the network in recent months so until some more larger customers start using Tardigrade this is expected.

How long should i wait before my vetting process completes. From other post i see it to be around 1 month. I have this up for 2X more than that.

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this node is 1 month old tomorrow

so yeah your ingress is low for this month, we had a change recently different satellites started pushing data, meaning those little used satellites wasn’t vetted on nodes younger than 4 months or a bit older even.

it usually takes a few weeks to a month, when a satellite is pushing traffic to vet.
might take many months if the satellite is basically idle…

your numbers look fine, just can take a long time to integrate into the network…
just like the payouts take 9 months to reach the 100% payout level… it also takes a similar amount of time before a node is fully on par with other fully vetted nodes…