On demand video App without external CDN

Hello Everyone,
We are building a video-based application like YouTube but it requires CDN for global content delivery, recently I found out about Storj and its decentralized nodes across the globe, which makes me wonder, may be we don’t need a CDN anymore if we use Storj’s Video storage and streaming solution. if anyone has any experience and knowledge please reply in the comments

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Here are a few links that might point you in the right direction:


Here are some sample links of some videos streaming from Storj DCS:
Storj Final.mp4 | Storj DCS
Fireplace 10 hours full HD.mp4 | Storj DCS
Sintel.2010.1080p.mkv | Storj DCS
And some more links and discussion on streaming videos in this thread: Performance got worse? and here:
How it works video suggestions