Only 50 audits on Old satellite?

Why the europe-north satellite has less audits than the new us2?

And as such vetting on old satellites takes a lot longer.

I’d also be willing to bet that they are auditing nodes on the new satellite at a “faster” than normal pace so that they have a solid population of nodes to utilize for the tests they plan to use this satellite for…at this point I only have ~10-12MB of data on each node I’m running from the new satellite:

So it looks like they are just auditing the same pieces over and over again, like I can see in this example:

For my node1, I’m already 25% vetted after ~4 days since that satellite was started up, so assuming that same rate continues, node would be 100% vetted after ~16 days, which is about half the amount of time of typical vetting takes. But then again, since I have 3 nodes they’re sharing the data ingress (pretty equally) and therefore the vetting is split between them too…so if you add up all of the audits, I have 43 in 4 days…so if my experience is similar to others (OP already had 58 audits on this new sat), if I only had a single node that vetting period could be closer to 10 days, which is 1/3 of the typical vetting period.

Long story short, number of audits typically has a some sort of direct relationship to the amount of data being stored for any given satellite. Although, in this case with the new satellite, I’d say that this is a special situation where vetting is being artificially accelerated, and there’s no need to worry about the fact that your audit count on europe-north is lower than us2.

Where did you take the first image? Is the docker dashboard?

I don’t think that is true. There is just not much data on the new satellite and therefore you get more audits since your node has a bigger share of the overall storage. And for old satellites, new nodes have a very low share of the overall data.

It has a relation to the share of data your node holds for that satellite, not the absolute amount of data. They’re not vetting faster, the satellite just has very little data. This is also why you’re seeing the same piece being vetted over and over.

okay, makes sense I guess.