Pending Payouts Overview?


I´m hosting several nodes, all nodes are doing well and collecting/earning a few bucks. Is there a way to see all earnings summed up? Like entering the wallet adress on storj to see all pending payouts, instead of opening each nodes and adding the earnings by myself? I know there is a threshold to reach, to get my payout to my adress. So it would be nice, if there is a solution to see all earnings at one. I´m hosting some nodes on linux, and some on windows. Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Thank you, but I already saw this post. I´m looking for a multinode dashboard for a long time, but I don´t know how to get this running. I hope there will be a more detailed tutorial some day, because it just tells me wich commands I have to enter.

I am running this on Windows and it is really not that hard. What OS are you on?

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  1. open in browser http://localhost:15002 and add a new node - it will ask for external address, NodeID and node API key

If Windows the binary is in "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node", the --config-dir "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\\" too and --identity-dir is more like in %AppData%\Storj\Identity\storagenode. For PowerShell you can use this path to identity as $env:AppData\Storj\Identity\storagenode

Thank you very much I’ll try my best. The problem is my main node is on Linux, so I don’t know how to I stall it on Linux. I know there are comments like “gut clone” but I am still a Linux rookie. Would be nice if you maybe can tell me how to run this on a Linux machine. I know, that identities can be created on a Windows machine and transfered to Linux, so would try this and move the identities to my Linux machine, this should be possible right? Thanks in advance.

The same way. Download, unpack, do the first step and run the multinode dashboard.
You can run it on any machine around the globe by the way, not necessarily on the machine with your nodes.
On your machine with node you need to issue an API key.
If you use a docker:

docker exec -it storagenode ./storagenode issue-apikey --log.output stdout --config-dir config --identity-dir identity

You will get an API key, it will be needed to add your node in the web-ui of the Multinode Dashboard.

Do I have to edit the directory in the command, regarding to my node? I run several nodes on one machine for example storagenote_1, storagenode_2 etc. Do I also have to change this in the commandine?

If you use a docker - only container name

No, for each node you only have to change the container name so Docker does know which one it is:

docker exec -it here-goes-the-storagenode-container-name ./storagenode issue-apikey --log.output stdout --config-dir config --identity-dir identity

By the way I have the command as:

docker exec -it here-goes-the-storagenode-container-name /app/storagenode issue-apikey --config-dir config --identity-dir identity --log.output stdout

I haven’t tried if ./storagenode works in the Docker command.

It works :slight_smile:

Sorry but I´m already failing by pulling the multinode dashboard by using CLI on Linux.
“git clone
doesn´t work.

Do wget

Why not the latest?


You do not need git clone unless you want to build it yourself.

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thx, worked :slight_smile:
I downloaded the file and unzipped it.
next problem on Linux, "-bash idendity: command not found " :frowning:
I´m appreciateing your help :slight_smile:

But you do not need to have an authorization token, just generate an identity as requested with minimum difficulty.

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worked :slight_smile:
I created the idendity, now I have the problem again but with “multinode”
"-bash multinode: command not found "

Have you extracted it?


Yes I did. When using ls it shows multinode
so multinode is already extracted.


Try the following:

chmod +x multinode

./multinode --help

If this displays the help page then you can run it with ./multinode

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