Please suggest me how to do a graceful exit

Dear Storj,
I want to make a graceful exit because my two nodes are already disqualified. And the other two nodes don’t reach the value of 1000. My resources are not being well used.
That’s why I am planning to do a graceful exit and planning to be back signing another auth. token.
Thank You

Can you tell me more about this value ?

Are you running multiple nodes behind same IP ?

No. I am running only a singel node by using Windows installer. My SATELLITE FIRST CONTACT TYPE MONTH 1-3 MONTH 4-6 MONTH 7-9 MONTH 10+
us-central-1 2019-08-19 Payout 0.0016 USD 0.0032 USD 0.0048 USD 0.0064 USD
Status:DQ (Up.0/Aud.586) Escrow 0.0048 USD 0.0032 USD 0.0016 USD 0.0000 USD

europe-west-1 2019-08-17 Payout 0.0279 USD 0.0558 USD 0.0836 USD 0.1115 USD
Status:OK (Up.0/Aud.973) Escrow 0.0836 USD 0.0558 USD 0.0279 USD 0.0000 USD

asia-east-1 2019-09-29 Payout 0.0028 USD 0.0057 USD 0.0085 USD 0.0113 USD
Status:DQ (Up.0/Aud.584) Escrow 0.0085 USD 0.0057 USD 0.0028 USD 0.0000 USD

saltlake 2020-02-13 Payout 0.0001 USD 0.0001 USD 0.0002 USD 0.0002 USD
Status:OK (Up.0/Aud.1000) Escrow 0.0002 USD 0.0001 USD 0.0001 USD 0.0000 USD

stefan-benten 2019-08-17 Payout 0.1304 USD 0.2608 USD 0.3912 USD 0.5216 USD
Status:OK (Up.0/Aud.961) Escrow 0.3912 USD 0.2608 USD 0.1304 USD 0.0000 USD

This confused me. I think this is your 3rd node that is having trouble. Your previous 2 nodes were disqualified too. The value is not 1000 theoretically. The decimals were breaking the layout.

How is your HDD connected? You first need to figure out WHY is your node failing audits. You want to run a new node but failing 3 nodes in a row is not good.

I don’t know why it failed. That’s why i want to start afresh again.

Actually, I migrated it from Ubuntu server LTS. And when I was setting up the path, i set it incorrectly. Probably that may be one of the reasons.

Yes that’s one of the fastest ways to get DQed. You are DQed on 2 satellites and saltlake sat is new. For testing purpose the minimum age of node was reduced to 6 months. I am not sure if its been reverted back to original of 15 months. In any case you can test it by following the GE guide.

PS: Also know you cannot perform GE after losing data.

So the only option for me is to do a clean exit without any hope of getting refunded for the Storj data. isn’t it?

To hell with the consequences, now i am gonna do a clean install of my windows 10.

Again, thanks for the suggestions.

When you opt GE, if your node satisfies the conditions it will succeed. If it doesn’t satisfy any condition you should get relevant error messages. Follow the GE steps as mentioned and see it for yourself.

Hey @Mason36, may I suggest starting the new node while the old one is still running. You can get it through vetting and start gaining some data. Your old node will keep working fine on the 3 satellites for which it still works. Then when you reach 6 months you can still trigger GE and you would have a node ready to take over full traffic at that point.

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But, I cannot run two nodes in windows at once,or can I?

I cannot do a graceful exit, so please someone tell me how to uninstall Storj from my PC!

You can try going through with GE and see what the messages show. You can follow the GE guide posted above.

My cmd terminal says that “no GE is in Operation”

Can you post screenshot of the terminal?

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.657]
© 2019 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\dhiwa>“C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.exe” exit-status --identity-dir “C:\Users\dhiwa\Desktop\storj\identity\identity\Storj\Identity\storagenode” --config-dir “C:\Users\dhiwa\Desktop\storj\data\storage” --log.output stderr
2020-02-27T09:34:21.765+0545 INFO Node ID: 12CQfR2oQBwFK3k1QjXFSjaP5ZjpNws2zxWRwuDJoF8uvg7MWU5
No graceful exit in progress.


Is this the first command you entered ?

I started being a SNO from August. It is about to be 6 months.