Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

This looks like it’s noisy? :slight_smile:

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It is in my basement, so it is a bit noisy but I can’t hear it from the living portion of the house.
My big FileCoin rigs are far noisier (ThreadRipper 3990x) although they help keep the house a bit warmer.


Had to install the storjnode this way because of the protruding cables on the cases’ side - I originally planned to fit it between the UPS and the other server :frowning:


Nice little setup you got there :slight_smile: do you like the cyberpower ups? Was thinking of ordering one too!

Cool UPS ^^
Do you know how much Watt-hours it can deliver when it’s fully charged? And at what maximum power (watts) ?

I have been running it for about 1 month only, so far everything seems okay. We rarely have any power outtages here in Germany, so I don’t expect it to be needed that often :smiley:

The quality of the supplied software was important to me and I really like it. (Used APC before - their software only shows logs when the UPS is connected, so when the last APC unit died, it didn’t tell me the reason because it would not connect anymore…utter crap).

It is rated for 1500VA @ 900w which should translate to 0.6h at max load


Cyberpower UPSs also have a faster transfer to battery time than their main competitor.

Can confirm in field testing. We have about 5 APC and 7 Cyberpower, all the “desktop” models (APC- BX1500’s | Cyberpower CP1500PFCLCD), and are all PFC rated and aren’t the super new ones currently for sale (think they keep changing the shell but the guts are the same). I hear the CP’s transfer faster than the APC’s time and time again when I’m in an office and the wind starts to whip up.

I acknowledge the $20-40 price increase for a CP vs APC, but I filled this one under a “you get what you pay for” when pitching the cost to finance in the company (and to get a higher WAF at home).

Edit- Also the BX1500’s we have deployed all seem to have that annoying coil/capacitor chirp issue that plagued them but luckily is only noticeable when staff don’t have headphones or a radio on.

How’s your Odroid-H2+ working out for you? I’ve been pretty pleased with the one I have set up. The nodes aren’t fully vetted yet since I started them both within days of starting a 4th node, so they are all struggling to get enough audits, but once, they’re fully vetted I’m excited to see how well they perform at full work load.

I just ordered another one the other day since I know they’re hard to come by these days due to the current electronic component shortage (hardkernel’s website just says that they have no idea when they’ll be back in stock, and ameridroid says about the same) and I’ve been wanting an extra one to play around with for a little while. But I’m contemplating eventually moving my two oldest nodes (currently running on separate raspberry pis with external WD Element HDDs) into this set up by just shucking the drives, etc. If anything I will help clean up my rack by decreasing the power cords from 4 down to 1.

Remind me again, how much RAM did you put in yours and are you using the NVME storage on it? The one I have set up has 16GB of RAM (2x 8GB Samsung DDR4 SO-DIMM) and a 500GB WD Blue NVME SSD. I’m noticing that even with 16GB of RAM that after the nodes have been running for a while, the available RAM just plummets and is constantly eaten up by cache. Have you seen this too?

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First off, I am not actively monitoring the device - so I can only speak for the couple of times Í have manually checked on the node via Teamviewer :slight_smile:
I’m running 1x8GB 2400MHz memory and some cheap Adata 128gig NVMe.

I haven’t ever seen more than 4GB of RAM usage and I also believe that the node is still in vetting…

Top right is the rbpi2 (red light)
In the middle is the 2TB HD of which 800GB is unused.
Green lights are the modem
100/30 mbit


I think the dark photo is the best one :grin: :+1:


That’s a whole new definition of “server wall” and I :heart: it


This looks way tidier in the dark


I am curious to see how the raspberry pi 2 will hold up. The pi is also doing the samba and pihole. Will let you know storj goes. Cable management is horrendous I know. :sunny:


Test Odroid HC4.


Duct tape here definitely steal the lime light for sure…

Left: Synology DS918+ with 16GB RAM 2x 12TB IronWolf 1x 14TB IronWolf in SHR.
External HDDs: 2x 12TB 1x 14TB
I am running 3 storagenodes in Docker. I started on the NAS, but moved 2 storagenodes to external HDDs.

I had a small wooden cupboard in the hallway where everything was stored. But I could hear the HDDs through the wall and the space was very limited. So this time I decided to put everything in the basement and use this metal cabinet from Ikea in case of fire.


Mix Use Storj and Mining + Kitchen cart build

2 x 10TB (raid Mirror for Storj) i5-9600K / Asus ZPrime Z390-A / 2 x PSU / 2 x 1070 & 1x 1060 (for mining)


very nice setup like the modern comp case/stand nice any mining going on in triple gpu setup