Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

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Ok so in the picture there are multiple servers. My is the small one, dell R210 it has 8gb of ram an i3-540, 120gb boot SSD(Windows 2012 R2), 12TB Dell HDD. It also runs Grafana nd Prometheus for monitoring all nodes as it is online 24/7 .It is in a Data Center. Just launched few days ago. sorry for the glittery image I was in hurry due to COVID


what is the power consumption

If you are asking me currently averaging 34 watts

It is reasonable considering it isn’t just running storj

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yes Skyblockpro1 reason being that I had to retire my R720 G5L22S due to it being power hungry and the six TB limitations, and build a a new machine that I call Steerage pix above with a 28 TB Raid0 raid set and power consumption at 66 watts, all paid for by Storj earnings, launched November second 2020 and traffic has been very little.

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Ah. When I saw the beast I thought it’d be something like “900W OF MIGHTY POWER 24/7 :cloud_with_lightning:”.
34w sounds alright :slight_smile:


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34 watts… bet my ram modules pull more than that…
maybe 2 -3 watts each and i got 12 modules… :smiley:


Hardkernel Odroid H2+ with Case “Type 5”


I just set one of these up with two old HDDs from my NAS. I really really like the machine, although I think I’m going to have to find some other uses for it, since it’s quite a bit over powered for just running a storj node or two…

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You should add power usage to your post when you have it up and running.


Going to run Windows on this poor little thing, think this is gonna eat up enough resources :smiley:

It’s sitting at 8.6w right now, idling in Windows with 1 LAN port occupied and no other peripherals.

Gonna check again when the node is installed and online :slight_smile:


This is what it looks like once assembled:

The fact all the connectors stick out to the “side” makes it not great for dense rack use :frowning:
Other than that, the case seems okay for 20 USD - build process was mediocre, but the result feels sturdy enough…

With 1 HDD, 1 stick of SODIMM, 1 LAN port connected, 1 NVMe SSD, the power draw is pretty much around 10 watts when running storj (fresh node in vetting)


Looks sweet! Very much like the OG Helios4, although likely with much more performance.


yeah, but after you get it set up, you should be able to unplug the hdmi and usbs, then you’re only left with the ethernet and power cable.

here’s what mine looks like sitting on the “tech shelf” in my basement.


Yeah, but they stick out too far already for the placement I had planned…

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This is my upgrade from the Thermaltake case and Ryzen 5:

2012 vintage Supermicro CSE-836 X8SAX i7 3.2GHz (8 core/16 thread) 6GB RAM SAS836TQ 2x PSU Quadro 4000 with 16 HDD bays. Using 500GB drive for OS; 1x10TB HDD and 2x14TB for 3 nodes. I like that I can easily add more HDDs (12 more) as Storj grows.
Power consumption is 178 watts.
Memory consumption is 500MB of 6GB.
Picked it up on ebay.
Currently storing 14TiB and growing.

Original rig and post from Jan 2020 here


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