Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

Thanks. Yes I’m doing the dirty NiceHash mining - about $10 a day right now to be honest… not the best deal per watt. But everything mining and storj related is automated so no complaints until the summer heat starts kicking in, its already getting warm in here.

Must be quite loud, especially with those cards so close together. You should use some pcie risers and hang the cards somewhere over the mainboard.

Really cool, I love those “old” MSI designs.

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Thanks! I did have one riser card, but it turned out to be a bad one, bad solder joint hidden under the bottom foam pad, crummy first experience. So I instead changed to a triple slot motherboard (nice having power come directly from the motherboard). I will try it again though, just not cheap amazon models…

If the motherboard can take the power draw. A riser would be safer (mine were fine gladly but that was 6 years ago, still have one somewhere :smiley: ) but I guess the cards don’t draw as much power as mine back then, my 4 card rig had over 1kW… Needed 2 PSUs for this heater.

My first rig (just for laughs, no storj back then):

But it got a bit more professional eventually (still got that aluminium frame in the basement):


I like the aluminium rig, almost looks lke you could fit 2 motherboards in there!
Im runing two PSU’s as well with a little ATX jumper board.
Hopefully all mining dosent get killed too much when eth switches to proof of stake. Good thing we have Storj for the trickle in of crypto.

Actually this currently is a Chia Plotter + Farmer, but when I get bored of Chia, it’s going to become a 84TB Storj node :slight_smile:

i9-10900K @ NH-U12A
Samsung 980 Pro 1TB
EVGA RTX3070 XC3 Ultra
3x Toshiba MG08 16TB (only 2 installed atm)
2x WDC Red Pro 18TB
2x8GB G.Skill 4000C17 blingy RGB RAM

Going to add a Plextor DVD-RW for ripping audio CDs when I install the last Toshiba HDD :slight_smile:


why you need Videocard 3070 for plotter?

The integrated graphics were not working and that is what I had lying around

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I posted in the first page of this thread back in 2019 - a lot has happened since :slight_smile:

In addition to the Synology RS3618 I had from the beginning I’ve added four 1U SuperMicro X10SDV-16C servers.

I’m currently running six 10TB Storj nodes. Node 1-4 is the SuperMicro servers, each one has its own wan subnet. Node 5 and 6 is running on the Synology and shares the same wan subnet. This way I get full data volume to node 1-4 + node 5/6 that share the data volume.

I’m still waiting to get 10Gb/10Gb internet promised by my ISP - four years waiting now but so far it works well with the 1Gb/1Gb I got now.


That’s at your home???

Running my company from home. Converted a closet to an AC cooled server room and this is used for my company and hobby. All my company stuff is in the Synology servers and the spare disk space for Storj + the SuperMicros for Storj.

The four big servers in the top are Boinc nodes and the 2U unit with 5 fans below the networking stuff is a 48-node Pi4 Boinc server :slight_smile:

is this Boinc profitable?

This is the kind of thing that damages the network - many nodes in the same location, run by the same operator, with many /24 ip addresses…

Wow, I am in a bad mood today!

Hopefully it is mitigated by your most professional setup


even with 20 nodes in the same location it is a low chance of storing multiple shards of the same piece there. And the more nodes the network gets, the lower that chance. So imho it’s not a big risk at all. (unless you have like 500 nodes on 500 ip subnets there :smiley: )


BOINC profits mankind, not individuals. It is a distributed computing platform, initially used for SETI but afterwards expanded for many different fields of science.


To celebrate my first month I put my Storj rig in a closet in the basement where it’s cooler and out of the way.

I’m using a 2007 Mac Mini, running Lubuntu 20.04 LTS. It’s well suited to the task: 1.83 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM (maxed out) and USB 2.0 limit its utility for other purposes. It still has an 80 GB internal HDD, which is a pain to swap out. The only downside: the processor draws more power (24w) than, say, a Raspberry Pi. I keep the lid on the hard drive enclosure open to help the 4 TB drive stay cool.

So far I’ve earned 7 cents after withholding. But the payoff has been substantial in terms of learning DevOps skills, and committing to keeping a Linux server always on in my home. I’m running a local wiki, I’ve learned to set up SSH with tunneling and key pairs, and I’ve found that these minis (which can be acquired inexpensively if you hunt around) are quite capable if you replace the outdated MacOS they require with Linux (challenging but very smooth once installed).

Thanks, Storj, for helping me realize my longtime goals of building my system administration skills…and (in the future) even getting “paid” to do it!


Love to hear you are having fun while learning stuff, that’s what projects like this are for :slight_smile:


Just started with 2 nodes and love to how it works


5 turnin’ and 1 burnin’