Publicly Exposed Network Data (official statistics from Storj DCS satellites)

Looks good, mabe you can share your exporter already? Then others can create dashboards with it too.

My preferred way of creating dashboard is something like this (similar to how the storagenode dashboards are organized):

  1. Overview over the complete network (stats of all satellites combined)
  2. Toggleable overview over all satellites (could be like the one you made or a boomtable)
  3. Multiple rows with details per satellite (automatically generated for each satellite)

One could also think about separating the combined stats of customer-facing satellites and test satellites as the stats between those 2 categories will be quite different. (i guess)

Well I guess that’s a bit more tricky because only newly uploaded pieces have all erasure pieces stored on the network. Older pieces will have lost some of those already. other pieces might have gotten repaired recently and have all erasure pieces again. So 2.7 might be the maximum but the real average will be lower (but haven’t looked at the exposed stats, maybe there’s some more useful information there because I remember some stats about repair pieces etc?)