Satellites near Australia?

Hi all,

I’ve been a node operator since early alpha, but my original machine broke and I never got around to rebuilding. Now that I have a proper UnRAID server for other purposes, and 44TB worth of drives (not all for storj, i’m afraid) I thought I better get back into it and earn me some storj.

I love the updated dashboard, so much better! But I noticed that there are satellites for Europe & America, but none for Australia (where I am), or even Asia. So my question is, will my distance from the nodes affect my earnings? I know it’s about uptime, but if I’m not responding as fast as those in the countries where the satellite is, I have a feeling it’s going to hurt me. If that’s the case, will there be a satellite for Asia-Pacific (or preferably in Sydney) in the future?

Welcome back after such a long time.

This blog post would help you understand working of Storj. After reading it if you still have doubts then do update this thread.

But there is already:

It does not matter where the satellite is, the most important where are the customers who entrust you with data for storage, if they are in Australia, you will be able to handle them quickly and you will win

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Good grief, I swear it wasn’t there earlier when I checked, but sure enough you are correct. Sorry!

Ah that makes sense. I thought the satellite had to decide which node to retrieve/store data to/from. Well i’m glad I was wrong, thanks for the reply!

Now you have two tasks:

  1. take care of your node
  2. inform potential customers that they can win by using Tardigrade data storage

Off topic question but I figured that I’d ask because you’re the first Australian I see on the forum.
How did you manage to get an internet connection that works for storj ?
I lived in Australia a couple of years ago and all unmetered connections were heaps expensive.
But I also lived in Adelaide which is a bit behind the rest of Australia from what I could understand.

Anyway welcome back and good luck with setting up your node !

I have big plans for that! I work in IT, and i’m tempted to convince clients to use Tardigrade for offsite backups, if I can integrate it with their backup software… I mean, why not? :slight_smile:

As for my node, I have spares of everything (again, work in IT so I snipe all the stuff that’s being thrown out), i’m using unRAID which makes perfect sense for storj - add drives as you get them, and data is protected agains 1 drive failing. I have UPS on my modem, and my server. And my business is also my ISP, so I should get priority service in case of outages lol


I have FTTN 100/40, unlimited data. It’s fairly standard anywhere that NBN is, but it’s only been in my town for 2 years and there’s towns around me that still use ADSL1 (no kidding there, part of the joys of living rural)

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Makes sense, I lived there four years ago so things must have changed quite a bit.

Why not :slight_smile:
Please - make notes, they can be useful as a use case, maybe if you can compare it with what the client had so far and what he gained

Back to the original question. I think part has been answered but part is still open.

As previously mentioned your distance to customers is most important. Of course customers are likely to work with satellites closest to them. So there is a relationship there. It’s important to know though that satellites do not select nodes close to them, but rather a random set of good nodes all across the world. So your node will at least start uploads from all over the world. These uploads (as well as downloads) are overprovisioned. So when enough pieces are uploaded, the rest are canceled. And that’s where you might see an impact. If your node is slower on average to finish uploads, you may see more canceled uploads. Luckily I (together with a few others) created an easy script that you can let loose on your node to find out what percentage of transfers is canceled. You can find that script here:


@Darthvander83 look here it’s only a community test but once it’s tested it will pay and be located in Australia
Australian test satellite

Why did you not directly link to your forum thread rather than post this convoluted google link? If you pointed straight to A test satellite (looking for nodes esp in Australia but any nodes are good nodes (community) ) people would be more likely to click on your link

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Yea sorry tbh that’s a good point will edit now thanks @heunland