Server configuration

Did you fix the error with missing storage-dir-verification file in the storage location from the thread?

Unfortunatly not. I did new node.


пт, 9 февр. 2024 г., 20:38 Alexey via Storj Community Forum (official) <>:

If you asked my opinion about hardware - I cannot suggest or propose to buy any hardware, this is against our rules.
I used my existing online HW to run nodes, the only purchase was a raspberry pi3b+ with 2TB HDD, but I returned these money a long time ago, I needed this Raspi not only for storagenode, but to learn something new.

I am about what to check and what to do to increase reliability. One more node get down, I will ask in separate post.


сб, 10 февр. 2024 г., 06:41 Alexey via Storj Community Forum (official) <>:

There is nothing specific, make your setup as simple as possible, this will leave less moving parts and it likely would be more reliable.
Check your dashboard to make sure that no scores are falling, check your logs for errors related to databases, disk, “i/o” and missing permissions.
It’s also advisable to configure the online monitoring with UptimeRobot or similar external service, but you would receive an offline/online notification from the satellites too (it’s much slower, than UptimeRobot, but it works for me).
If you want to have something advanced, you may use Storj exporter for Prometheus: Prometheus Storj-Exporter and Grafana Alerts: [Tech Preview] Email alerts with Grafana and Prometheus.
For simple and convenient hardware monitoring you may use Monitoring with Netdata
See also Topics tagged monitoring