Some questions regarding 10% Bonus for zksync payout

Somehow I missed that bonus for zksync payouts…

Will this bonus stay forever?

Can I still get the bonus if I change to zksync now?

I have 7 nodes with same eth address, can I only switch one node to zksync payout to see if it works?

Polygon has no bonus?

Thanks in advance

All of these have been answered before - SNO Payment mega-FAQ

Unlikely but the bonus is still available for the time being.




Thanks for all the answers… I will try out zksync

Please signing up for zkSync Era rather than the old version of zkSync, to take advantage of the expected lower fees


is there some additional way to turn zkSync era, i thud in one moment when it will be reedy it will be automated.

We recently announced how to sign up for zksync Era here.


im unable to get the Storj token added to the token list at
i did add it as custom token but cannot choose it in the list… just wanted to check the fees for token transfer to L1… normal ETH bridge fee is about 15-20$ what i saw for now… not sure if its worth it

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i have to ask again if anyone is able to add the storj token to the list at zksync or is it impossible to send storj from L1 to L2? not that i really want to send some but want to see what are the estimated fees

Is there 10% bonus for zkSync Era, or bonus is only for zkSync Legacy?