Storage Node Uptime and Last Contact in negative time

Hello everyone,

I just setup a node and after running the Docker container the Uptime and Last Contact values are negative (-115m)

How can I fix it?


It is not a cache problem, i even tested in another browser.

docker? linux?
check date… on a computer with a node

Yes Docker in Linux.
I did that, the Date was wrong before and I changed my timezone and restarted. but still shows negative uptime

Hello @albercuba,
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Please, sync your clock on the host. The docker uses the time from the host.
So, you should stop and remove the container after that and run it again with all your parameters.

Hi Alexey,
stopped and removed the docker container, and when I start it , it starts from -120m again

what is linux? debian, centos?

Ubuntu 20.04 and the date on the host is correct

the date in the container is wrong.

This is the date in the container:

This the date in my server:

this is correct … one is UTC the other is CEST

But it is like it always reads that 2 hours difference and sets a negative value in the uptime

in ubuntu 20.04 (fairly new OS) recommend installing the docker:
sudo apt install docker-compose
but i don’t have ubuntu, i haven’t tried it … i don’t know if it will help with your problem

Installed docker-compose, stopped and removed the container, started it again, still -120m in uptime when starting

I would suggest to use the official documentation:

Regarding it the 20.04 doesn’t supported yet. However, it can work:

Yes I installed it following the official documentation

Regarding it the 20.04 doesn’t supported yet. However, it can work:

That is something different.

I mean, it is working, it is just the uptime negative value that bothers me. I am just gonna let it run, it should update the docker image every 6 hours automatically

I am using my internal IP address, not
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