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Posting here because I cannot answer in the other thread.
As Storj relies a lot on Twitter, are you aware the the service is currently a complete disaster and not working as it should?


what do do mean by this?

It seems that access to Tweets has been limited. Users without account don’t even have read access any more. They get redirected to a login page. And even that did not work properly lately.
It is a complete mess and Storj should be aware of it as many people might not be able to read Storjs Tweets.

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Well the post was like 5 days ago man.

The Twitter issues started more than 5 days ago.

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Yes Twitter has been having a lot of technical issues over the past week

The oficial answer I’m sure Storj Marketing is aware and making the appropriate plans to manage social reach

My personal opinion (unrelated to my affiliation with Storj) is the rate limiting will be temporary just as so many of Twitter’s unpopular decisions under Musk have been rolled back. Somewhere I read a theory that in addition to Twitter not paying their Google and AWS bills in a timely manner, this is/was an attempt to get some type of “real user” snapshot for revenue initiatives going forward.

Of course all of this is speculation, but Elon has a solid history of rolling back unpopular decisions, Meta is coming for their user base with their new Threads platform starting tomorrow and the new Twitter CEO has been silent through this last week of issues.

Idk if Twitter was really DDOSing itself or if the image is accurate, but this image made me laugh

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It’s almost like it’s not a great idea to unceremoniously fire 80% of your staff and then start releasing features at an unprecedented pace.


We hope that. For example I don’t have a Twitter account (and I am not going to create one) and haven’t been able to follow Storjs Tweets anymore since Twitter decided to limit access to only logged in users.
So if you want to make users like me aware of the Storj updates then alternatives to Twitter should be used as well to spread them.

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lol yeah imagine that :joy:

Yes definitely. I hear you. So many websites with embedded feeds broke because of this too. Its a really special cluster of effects :roll_eyes:

But the team members who manage Storj social media will make plans, work arounds and ultimately new campaigns on usable platforms if that becomes necessary. We might hear back more from them after the July 4 holiday and I will of course post for the Community here in the Forum.

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Well let’s hope they have already plans as we have seen Twitters downwards spiral for quite a while now:

Twitter is not our main way to communicate, LinkedIn is. You can follow us there. You can also read our blog posts and subscribe to the newsletter.


Yes what @heunland said is true that LinkedIn is more of a focus than Twitter for Marketing.

Good new is it looks like Twitter embedded feeds are working again and you can see the Storj Twitter feed on the LinkedIn profile again. It even works if you are using a VPN with incognito browser window and not logged in to either platform. Hopefully this indicates the worst of the current Twitter issues are behind us and the Storj feed will be visible to those without accounts where ever it is embedded.

@jammerdan we’ve got an active project going to optimize our twitter strategy against the twitter algorithm and the associated changes as of late. We are using it a lot and we hope to use it more effectively as we go forward.


you should create an account, it takes 2 minutes. And there’s many useful posts on Twitter. Just block people you don’t like.

I have only seen the Storj LinkedIn feed and isn’t that simply pulled from Twitter?

As user my impression is that Twitter is your main and most updated and most interactive communication channel. I don’t know your newsletter but for example the latest blog post is 2 weeks old. In the LinkedIn feed the Wasabi post does not show up, not to mention that Twitter Spaces are only available on Twitter.

The Wasabi post is missing though. So it seems not complete.

That sounds great. I just wanted to make you aware that due to Twitter restrictions users without accounts might not be able to see your Twitter announcements any longer (as well as users with accounts but who reached their limits), which could negatively impact the reach and the success of Storjs campaigns. Also this means that alternatives might should be set up and maintained to try to reach the lost audience on other channels (Reddit comes into my mind).

I really do not need a Twitter account. And now that Elon Musk is running this place I could not be happier without having one.
If that means no more regular Storj updates for me, then be it.


Idk what to tell you.
You know how things are still not quite right on the Twitter front and somewhat out of the control of the users.

We have to trust the team to execute the plans John mentioned.

This is all unfortunately just part of the ever changing face of the social reach game.
We really appreciate your forward thinking on this issue because you are right, it will keep changing and its very important to keep on top of the constant state of change especially on the main platforms.

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Worth to notice that after a while it seems that you get redirected to a forced login on LinkedIn as well. So it seems there is no longer an easy and unrestricted access to that information.
Of course there might be ways around it but that is not my point.
My point is that restricted access could lead to reduced visibility of marketing efforts and therefore could be less effective. If that’s the case then mitigating strategies should be considered if it is desired to have that information to be accessed and spread openly.


Thank you for flagging this @jammerdan

It’s been passed on the the Marketing Team.
They will craft a solution.

Here is an idea: Maybe it is an option to use a feed aggregator and integrate Twitter and other social media into your Storj website? Then anyone could read them.

It could be done with:

It has been used by: BMW, Ferrari, LSG Sky Chefs, Janssen and many others for various purposes.
Here is an example from the Dallas Mavericks:

and Reelz:

I believe that could add some cool possibilities to the Storj homepage.