Storj Team. Which geographical area do you want us to run our nodes?


We are setting up around 80TB nodes. I would like to ask the team where they would want the servers. EU or NA? Asia? Where will it be more helpful for you?

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The whole idea is to have decentralized network so NOT having all nodes in 1 data center is preferred and having them geographically apart is expected.

PS: I am just another SNO. This isn’t an official response.

My own data center in San Jose
There is 1.5tbps bandwidth access, and now the redundancy is about 300gbps
And I’ve started putting high-density storage servers on the shelves
Let’s take a look at what I said earlier:

Of course
Can’t be in the same area
I have some data centers planned to cooperate in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa
Nodes deploying sotrj
I think that’s enough
The stability of network and power supply is definitely the data center

Of course
The original intention of the government is also global decentralization
If the data nodes are all in the same region
There’s no point in that

Seems to me that we still are missing node coverage in Africa (almost none so far) and more nodes in Asia would help too.

I heard that geography play a role in Traffic. Since there aren’t much in Africa or Asia, will I be able to get more traffic ?

we expect that in production we won’t see anymore the current pattern of more traffic coming from certain areas which is due to our testing by the Storj team now. In production customers from all around the world will start creating traffic on the network from whereever they are located.

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So I plan to
Node based in Asia, Africa and South America
At the same time, it also meets the requirements of storj’s global deployment node