Suspension emails feature

I received another suspension on satellite 118, yesterday I ordered a new hi-perf HDD but it will arrive next week, so I must live with that for another week, I already knew it.

My problem is that I’m not receiving suspensions emails: the only way I can know that I got a suspension is looking at the web dashboard.

Has the email alerting not been implemented yet or Storj is experiencing problems with emails? Did other SNOs in this thread receive emails when the node has been suspended on some satellites?


People were complaining about too many suspension emails, now you want more …
storagenode probably needs a config setting for emails wanted ot not

I don’t want more, I just need email alerting. There’s no email settings in storagenode config, so that’s not the problem. I didn’t opted out email alerting, but since some SNOs are receiving emails and other aren’t, there should be some problem on Storj side.

I already checked the spam folder, it’s empty.

Yes, that is what I meant. There should be a way to subscribe to some emails but there isn’t yet, as far as I know.

Post this in Ideas/suggestions section

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The feature was implemented