Changelog v1.3.3

For Storage Nodes

Suspension Mode Dashboard Warning
Similar to the DQ warning the new storage node will also show a suspension mode warning. If you get the suspension warning please visit this thread: Suspension mode and disqualification emails

Audit Score
The satellite is currently tracking 3 different audit scores. A total audit rate, the audit reputation used for disqualification, and a new score for the suspension mode. The storage node dashboard will now show the audit reputation instead of the total audit rate. If your audit reputation drops below 60% you will get disqualified.
Not displayed on the storage node dashboard is the score for suspension mode.

Logging Download Failures
We discovered that not all download and audit failures will show up in the storage node logs. If you see more audit failures with this version that is simply because they are now visible instead of hidden.

Payment Dashboard Improvements
The storage node payment dashboard is still not finished but we have improved it. You can now select a satellite to get a better understanding of how much each satellite is paying to you. You can also select a previous month and go back in time. Here is a new set of screenshots including an explanation of the current bugs.

Screenshot + explanation

On the first screen you can see the payout for the current month across all satellites.

  • The total held amount is a bit off in my case because I received already part of my held back amount. I believe that held amount reduction is not factored in. However, this is an edge case. For most storage nodes the amount should be accurate.
  • The little red box is because the held back amount for the current month is missing. I will not receive 6.17 payout. About 2 will be held back on saltlake. I would expect to see $ 4 or something like that.

On the second screen, you can see the breakdown for the selected satellite.

  • Breakdown per satellite is working.
  • The node age and held amount rate indicator at the button is correct as well.
  • The held amount of rate is sometimes not updated. I have seen it showing 0% while the held amount rate indicator at the button was showing the correct value.
  • The total held amount was not updated and is still showing the total for all satellites but there is a workaround to get that information (screen 3)

On the third screen, I have selected a previous month on the same satellite.

  • The total held amount is now showing the amount for this satellite. As long as I keep selecting the previous month I can go through all satellites and write down the held back amounts for each satellite.
  • One small issue it doesn’t work for new satellites like EU-north. I would expect to see 0 held amount on that satellite but instead, it will show me the held amount of the previously selected satellite. By selecting back and forth between different satellites you can find out if the value is updated or still showing the previously selected satellite.
  • The node age at the button should now display 10 months instead of 11 months because I am going back in time. If I select the first payout on this satellite I expect to see 75% held amount rate.
  • The USD amounts are without surge pricing. I would have to multiply the numbers with 2.5.

As always the rollout will take at least one week. Be patient, please.

Dashboard Dark Theme
We all love the dark theme in any application. Now it is available on the storage node dashboard. Forget everything else that is in this release. The dark theme is all we need to know :smiley:

For Customers

Delete nonempty Buckets
uplink rb --force will delete all files in a bucket before it deletes the bucket itself.


Cool, waiting for my monitoring system to notify me that there is a new docker image available :slight_smile:

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What do you use for that?

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I guess that all future updates will be a controlled affair

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zabbix and this script:

t=`curl -s "" | cut -d'"' -f 4`
curl -s -H "Authorization: Bearer $t" | jq '.history[0].v1Compatibility | fromjson |.created'

The script returns the date of the latest image version. When it changes it’s time to run the update script.

I have configured zabbix to run it once an hour and send me an SMS when it changes.


@littleskunk please pay attention to this post
I think we should improve the rollout process in the future, at this moment we on production and can’t make “disaster”.


Try to not restart your NODE it will not go online, until you update it to 1.3.3
I just had issue with this.
I wanted to clear ald logs as files was over GB, and node with 1.1,1 not started any more with log outdated, had to update it manualy to 1.3.3

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@Vadim were you able to force the update, apparently if one suspends windows updates it also stops the storagenode updater

Yes, i updated it then it started to work, i have Windows GUI, now not know situation on docker

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Seconded! When I saw those screenshots that was going to be my first question was what plugin did you have to get that to work properly.

Also good release, should help information-wise for SNOs.

EDIT: I’m assuming that this will still be tagged Beta?


Funny enough I brought such a question up just recently: How are future updates handled?

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On my post, I mean update process (workflow), but in your post, i see you mean update quality (code), these things is completely different.

I had several scenarios in my mind. One was deployment of a faulty update. If there is only a few nodes with issues after an update it is not much of a problem. But if many nodes are on autopilot and a faulty update is pushed to them then problems can arise. And my guess is sooner or later most SNOs will switch on an auto update feature if available.
That’s why I am with you that there needs to be a strategy for a bullet proof rollout process.

There is already a strategy.


That’s good, because I think it is really really important.
Is there also a strategy regarding Windows 10 updates?

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I am still getting notifications on dashboard to update to version 1.3.3 and manual update doesn’t seem to work for both docker or Gui.


I am still getting notifications on dashboard to update to version 1.3.3 and manual update doesn’t seem to work for both docker or Gui.


I’m in the same situation. I deleted the container pulled the new one but same version running. 1.1.1, watchtower did nothing.

Be patient, it should update eventually in the next days.
It’s just a shame that the dashboard urges SNOs to update before the update rollout is complete.

That’s probably something that will be improved in the future though :slightly_smiling_face:

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and not a single explanation? is it available?