Telegram, Discord Etc

Hello :slight_smile:

Perhaps I’m out of the loop but does Storj have a Telegram or Discord official/community or should we?

If not, I think we should have one of them I would say Discord a lot more control over the chat and anyone can dive straight even as a guest. Perhaps there are reasons against it such misinformation amongst the chat or lack of chat moderation but most start ups/ICOs can do this even with one person… when I ever delve in to another crypto tech I will check for discord or telegram to see how things run. I get we have this forum but sometimes a potential contributor or customer just wants the answer asap or even just to discuss ideas or issues. Answers In “real time” can be the difference between someone sticking with it or giving up if they could get the answer quickly, again I’m sure they could search the forum but not everyone likes to work like that plus a lots of crypto projects have those platforms so people may be more familiar with it. I also feel those chat platforms give a project a better communal presence.


We have had a Slack, Rocket chat and Discord in the past.
They are worst solutions for troubleshooting or support. They are ok, if the project is only-one-goal-oriented (coins in most). They usually have only miners and traders.

The Storj network and Tardigrade are more storage-oriented and offer a real service, so the discussions are much more wide than hodl/sale/pump/dump usual themes for only-coin-oriented projects.

So, we decided to use a forum instead. The Discourse is working in real time like a chat, but have a much better experience for support or troubleshooting because of possibility to have separate threads for every discussion and ability to split or join them, give links to threads and much more (voting, announcements, community-driven moderation, etc).