Undistributed payout negative values

Hello all,
interesting question:

I have 11 nodes, and all of them has such an “interesting case”, can someone explain me whats happening? How Undistributed payout could be negative?

ok, but in any case it looks strange.

march - everything ok

that double payout received in May
and here is may data itself

if we will take march as 0 point, we will have:
for Apr i got 15.60 but should get 8.74, so i have 6.86 extra
i may i had 8.82 profit, 1.96 - should be payed for it (according to extra i had).
so after this payout i should have Undestributed payout to be 0. and i still have 6.86, why?

Have you already received your May payout? I haven’t as it is still in progress. Maybe that’s why.

yes, received, 6 hours ago.

may be data havent been deliveredto node, yet it is slow process.
I havent got payout for may, but my show also with $-24.94(checked in several nodes, but different numbers)

nodes do not have May payout information yet.
As you can see may is grey.

apparently i owe storjlabs 5mil xD


You can send it to my bank account :smiley:


Same with my nodes, may payout wasn’t processed yet …
But https://storjnet.info/ says payouts have already been sent

looks fixed,
data updated

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