Unofficial Discord for SNO’s

Hey my sno friends!

I created a discord server for us SNO’s to hangout.
Show your storage node or just talk about issues and storj related stuff! Feel free to join!


**This is an unofficial server and run by community members. **


Joined. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Thanks for setting it up!

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cool :slight_smile: looking for some dedicated SNO’s then can also moderate the channel and help to get this community grow more and more :slight_smile:

I… do not get how that forum would be different from this one?

Not saying it’s a bad idea :slight_smile:
Just wondering why this forum is not enough?
SNOs are pretty much hanging out in here quite a lot already…


Please remove the Storj logo and make it clear that this is UNOFFICIAL chat server.


We have had it in the past, it was used for audio calls. We also have had Slack and Rocket Chat. All such solutions are good, when you have only one main thread, trading or mining or something like that. But when you have a different software which could be more complicated than a miner, and also different auditory, it quickly become useless.

At the end we came to conclusion that any chat is a terrible way for support the real product, which have much more wide auditory than trading (pump and dump) or mining.
So we turned off all chat solutions and chose the forum.

The forum can work as a chat by the way, all posts you can see in real time. So discord doesn’t have any improvements above forum.

@Firmw4re be prepare for spammers, pumpers&dumpers, scammers and other “nice” persons/bots.


Since it’s an unofficial server, we probably will be able to talk about things other than just Storj there. At least that’s my hope.

Anyway, joined.

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That’s the idea indeed, make storj friends

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Hi @Alexey,

I changed the logo and name.
Hope this is okay!

Like @Pentium100 said I was looking for a platform to talk with other SNO’s without the obligation to stay on topic. And thought this would be the best way to do it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, like with the other thread before - I agree this is an official Storj forum and maybe it should not be used to discuss (or troubleshoot) other services that do not have anything to do with Storj. This gets indexed and such.

So, a separate unofficial server would be great for discussing such topics with the same people as here, without being indexed.

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We were already discussing a private section in this forum for off-topic things.

Yes, and I think it was created - for very few people who have the “regular” status, which is very difficult to achieve.

yeah that was just a temporary solution though.

This is not a problem actually - I always can split it to a separate thread (try it on discord by the way :wink: ).
The only problem - troubleshooting products of other companies, not related to Storj/Tardigrade.
You can discuss anything, if it’s related to Storj/Tradigrade platforms.

Sooner or later you will be forced to create separate channels for each topic and ask people to post in that channel instead of General, because the search would be terrible. The special bonus - you can’t give a link to a specific thread (oh, you do not have threads, I forgot). You can’t normally quote someone, etc.
Discord is nice for games though.

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IMO Discord is nice for conversations that may not have historic value.

Chat and forum are different types of conversations - both have their good and bad sides.


Oké… I can out read intonation but you sound agitated somehow :frowning: , hope that is not the case!

It is not suppose to be a replacement of this forum I think it is a great medium for information. But to easy talk/chat with fellow SNO’s discord or any chat program just better.

No, it’s not an agitation, sorry, if it sounded like that. I just shared an own experience, it was a terrible time.
Again - sorry!

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No worry’s :slight_smile: I agree with you on discord and the mess it can be though :stuck_out_tongue: but again it is not meant to be a information source

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Yeah I agree with this, but that’s also not really what discord is for. It’s just an ongoing conversation. If people need to be linked to something they can be linked to the relevant forum topics instead.

I think discord works best with as few channels as possible. Other stuff often just works better on the forum.

I think Discord is perfect for a free discussion on topics that are not covered here, in a friendly manner. Discord and this forum are not in competition. Great idea!

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