Utility to merge multiple nodes

It would be nice if there was a Storj Windows GUI node utility that would let me merge multiple nodes into a single larger node. With the recent payout changes and testdata removal, I now have several nodes on 4TB drives that are uneconomic. I don’t really want to graceful exit them give the long time it would take to get the data back. I have a newer 10TB node that is only 10% full and would like to move the data from the 4TB drives to it and then turn off the 4TB systems (they were formerly crypto mining and Storj PCs but now are just Storj PCs).

It’s not possible to merge nodes anyhow, but you may:

  • set the allocation below a usage, it will stop receive any new data, but still will have an egress; if the customers removes their data, it will slowly free up the space;
  • call a Graceful Exit: Graceful Exit Guide;
  • delete the node ungracefully (losing held amount);
  • move the node to the other physical location.

If your intent is to consolidate the nodes into a smaller number of machines to reduce operating costs you could perhaps just move the 4TB HDDs to the same machine as your 10TB node?
Ingress will be split across all those drives, mind, but should use less power than running multiple machines.


That is my intent, i.e. reduce operating costs. However this is a Windows GUI node so multiple node on the same PC is not supported. Having support is very important.

Do you have any lower-powered machine that you could use to install Linux?
Setting up a node is relatively easy on that O/S and there is good documentation….

I think I will just leave it alone for now. Once my other nodes become full I will migrate to a bigger disk on this machine so the operating operating cost as a percentage of the payout will be acceptable.

Just be aware that you cannot combine multiple nodes into one bigger one.
Even if you’re putting everything into the same disk (in separate directories, for instance), you’ll have to run multiple storage node instances. One for each set of data (if I’m making sense).

Sorry for not being clear. I will not be combining multiple nodes, just upgrading one node to a bigger disk.

You can use @Vadim’s Win GUI Storj Node Toolbox. Yes, it’s not officially supported, but you always can ask for help here.