[VIDEO] Tardigrade Thursday: Set up a Storj storage node on Windows

Next up on Tardigrade Thursday, “How to set up a Window Storage Node” with our own wonderful mod, @Knowledge

This is a great longform video guide for SNOs - a deepdive into everything you need to step through to get your Windows node up and running.
Be sure to tune in to the Premier and spend a little time chatting on the side. (If you’re already subscribed to the channel you can click the bell and it will remind you.) See you soon!

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One question: Why don’t you use Youtube to showcase the capabilities of the Tardigrade platform?
If I was you I would upload every youtube video to Tardigrade and put a link to that in the youtube video description. So anyone could instantly convince himself of the capabilities of the platform.


I like the idea of adding the link in the description box. Yt and tardigrade are very different platforms offering different features

Yes of course. But I had in mind your recent live coding presentation in which you served a video directly from the Tardigrade platform. One thing is to talk about the Tardigrade platform and how great it is. But more convincing is if your youtube followers can experience the capabilities by watching the same video served directly from Tardigrade and get prove how well decentralization works.


Agreed, a little demo goes a long way in securing more business. Perhaps add some to the Storj website too and note below that it is delivered using Tardigrade network?


Starting in <10 minutes: https://youtu.be/c6_OQIHfkRY

I’m just watching the video, even though I’m using Linux everywhere, just to see the process of installing it and to be able to help here in the forum.

Around 34:15 he explains why you should leave some free space on your hard disk and says, if a customer deletes files, it goes into the trash folder for 7 days and the trash folder doesn’t count towards the allocated space.
That is wrong on 2 levels. First, if a customer deletes files it normally gets deleted on the storagenode too. Only if the storagenode fails to delete the files for whatever reason at the moment the satellite requests it, the garbage collection will pick up these files later and puts it in the trash for 7 days. At least that’s what we’ve been told here.

Secondly, the files in trash seem to count towards the allocated space, even though the dashboard still shows it as free space. That’s a good thing, because it prevents the storagenode from running out of space. At least that’s what I’m observing at the moment.

Also, his struggle to copy some text from the website with the mouse was painful to watch :grinning:
LPT: you can triple click on the text and it should mark the whole line/paragraph.

I know right, haha. I was screaming at my screen that the copy button he wanted was actually there all along.

Admittedly, it’s a little hard to spot.

Live recordings are hard though and despite some minor things, I’m sure this is very useful for first time windows SNOs to help set everything up.

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