Videocoin - what is it and how to use

kinda makes me wonder if it would be worthwhile also running a videocoin node also… i mean it might save a lot of back and forth if their network optimizes for performance…
but i guess i’m thinking old school here, because my server wouldn’t actually have any meaning full part of the data… or it would like 1/39th or whatever… so practically irrelevant for improving performance…

when they say everything changes, they really do mean it don’t they… who ever they is… :smiley:

Somewhere they have said it requires 50.000 vid to run a worker node.

I was about to start a node but then I saw the minimum requirement…

Yeah I think it is a bit too expensive for buying an unknown token and hoping for some totally unpredictable return.

Well after doing some calculations it’s only 4 bucks worth of tokens. Plus gas fees obviously.

What is the price per vid that you have found?

about 7.4 cents, is it another token you have to hold ?

I understood it that way that you have to hold 50k Vidcoins = $3.7k.

Once you have the key, fund the account with ERC-20 VID Tokens to this account on Ethereum Mainnet. You may have to transfer tokens equal to self-stake and some additional tokens to cover transaction fees/gas on the VideoCoin network. For example 50000 VID tokens as required for the current minimum self-stake plus 10 tokens to cover worker transactions.
You also need to fund this account with some Ethereum (for example ~0.1 ETH) for transaction fee on Ethereum Mainnet. This is required to transfer VID tokens between Etherem Mainnet and VideoCoin network.

I don’t really understand if the 50k tokens are mandatory for setting up a worker or only for staking.

Maybe this gives some more hints:

So this means you can configure the amount? And reduce from 50.000 to maybe 100?

well that just got too complicated for me, I’m not really up to date with all the token stuff and smart contracts so I’ll maybe try to find a video that explains how to setup a worker on youtube.

Yes, it sounds complicated and the thread I have posted shows that it is not entirely clear if reducing the quantity keeps the node in a working state. Weird.


i’m sure they also have a forum such as this… maybe we should just go ask them…
i cannot believe one will have to have 50k videos to host a node… it’s like filecoin… people think it requires 128gb ram and all kinds of bullshit… but it doesn’t… thats if you want to be one of those central controllers… the normal storage nodes are very pedestrian in requirements

i’m sure this is much the same… seeing their “controller” medium to high grade requirements as minimum requirements to participating.


Alright so I looked into videocoin and tried to setup a worker.
I rand into an issue because my ethereum address “isn’t registered”. I posted on the forum:

I’ll keep you updated if they respond.
I think this project could be a nice addition to a storage node to keep the cpu busy and maybe get a little more per month. It of course depends on many factors but this project sparked my interest.


Well, I posted 24h ago and still no answer.
Makes me realize how amazing the SNO community is !


they may not have much traction… you can check their videos on youtube…
some of them are like years old and have like i forget 44 views maybe…


Year I was surprised by how little views their videos had, it’s kind of a shame because the idea is great.
Golem has the same problem, no one gives jobs to the network. I ran a worker for a couple of months (on a computer that was running anyway) and only got a few jobs.


yeah i’ve also been looking for extra stuff to setup on my server… but often it seems like the work that has to be put in to make it work costs more work hours than i can hope to make back any time soon.


Have you tried (or have already running) something else besides storj?